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Welcome to Fire International

What We Do

Our full-time, short term and intern missionaries have helped to establish church plants, orphanages, nutritional farms to feed malnourished children, discipleship training schools, safe houses to fight the sex slave trade, marketplace ministries and so much more. In addition to reaching out with the Gospel wherever possible, our FI missionaries and teams are used for extended cross-cultural training for missionary interns.

Who We Are

FIRE International is the missionary sending agency of FIRE (Fellowship for International Revival and Evangelism), providing oversight and pastoral care for our graduates and others as they follow God’s calling to Shake The Nations and Change The World! God is releasing His anointing by His Spirit to bring Revival Fires upon the earth today. Partner with us and help us take the Gospel to the nations! If you, your Church, or Bible School is looking for a way to send workers to the harvest fields of the world, give us a call.

Newsletters from Our Missionaries

Peter & Brenda Naska February 2019

Dear friend, We pray this month’s newsletter finds you both blessed and uplifted in the Lord! God has been so good to us this last month. We have been taking notice of how God is at work in all areas of our lives both small and great alike. Our family has...

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Sherika Lockhart February 2019

Hello from Davao City,It’s so great to be back home in Davao and finally settled! I returned to Davao on January 10. On January 23-26 I flew to Manila to attend a meeting at the US Embassy and attend a missionary retreat. The embassy meeting went well and...

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Jesse & Becki Brattrud February 2019

Hello everyone,This month has flown by. We have had many people from around the world come to us for Dog Sled Rides. I have had the opportunity to preach on why Jesus had to come, and we have completed our taxes for 2018.I mention the taxes because the...

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Crystal Harden’s February 2019

They’re here!!!The Hope House has grown to seven! On January 29th, our four new girls arrived at the Hope House.  We have a new set of three siblings (ages 8, 10, and 13) and a 15 year old. We are beyond thrilled to have these girls with us, and we are in...

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Treasure House February 2019

Happy New Year! I’m so excited to see what the Lord has in store for my special calling this coming year! The Treasure House touches the very heart of God and He continues to show His love for us.Dream: I had a dream recently where the Father God had...

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Elliot & Crystal January 2019

Happy New Year to all of you who partner with us financially and in prayer in serving the Lakota tribe of the Pine Ridge Reservation. The holidays are over and we are back to the normal routine of Rez ministry and life in general. We're so thankful for all...

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Andy & Karyn Pricer February 2019

Blessings to everyone from “Pure and Holy Mexico” (speak to those things that aren’t as if they are). We will see it come to pass!  We are doing what we can to see it happen and with your help and prayers we will get there even quicker.  Thank you for...

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