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What our missionaries are saying...

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FIRE International is a wonderful organization, and I am very thankful that they have been my mission organization for over 10 years!  There are several things that I really appreciate about FIRE International.  FI handles the donations that I receive from supporters, which is such a blessing.  I’m so thankful that I don’t have to be concerned about handling the funds correctly, reporting what I need to, paying taxes on the donations as necessary, etc.  I believe that FI is also an organization with great integrity, which is evidenced by their inclusion in the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).  FI sends me a detailed report each month of the support that I received in the previous month, and they always provide my monthly payroll in a timely manner.  FI also facilitates the mailing of my monthly newsletter.  I simply prepare the newsletter and send it to the FI staff.  Then they proofread it for me, print it, and mail the newsletter to my supporters.  FI also receives mail for me that would be difficult for me to receive overseas, and they periodically send a package to me with any important mail.  FI also provides information to us from time to time about various topics that are of concern to us as missionaries, and they keep in touch with us regularly.  There are many practical things that FI provides and handles for us as missionaries, but one of the best aspects of FI is that it really feels like a family.  The staff is wonderful, caring, and dedicated to what they do, and it’s obvious that they love missionaries!  There are great relationships among the missionaries who comprise FI as well.  FI hosts a mission conference every year, and when I’ve been able to attend, it’s always been a special time to connect or reconnect with missionaries from other parts of the world.  I really am so thankful for FIRE International, and I would wholeheartedly recommend them as a mission organization to anyone who is planning to go to the mission field!


Missionary To The Philippines


We were never called to go and make disciples alone, even pioneers need a good support system back at the home base.  After more than 22 years on the mission field with FI as our sending agency I can honestly say that they go beyond being an organization and are more of a family to us.  Organizations will take care of the many practical areas of missions that you will definitely encounter on the field, but a family goes even further and protects relationships and callings.  Fire International, like a family, helps you to grow in your strengths as they walk you through your weakness.   Along with all the office and financial reporting they perform at the home base to keep you in good standing with all concerned, they support, pray, correct, visit, and bring counsel as you work towards all that God has called you to be and do in the area of the world that He has called you.  Highly recommended.

Andy & Karyn

Missionaries To Mexico


We have been missionaries with FI for over 18 years! One of the reasons we have stuck it out so long is because we are given the freedom to follow what the Holy Spirit is telling us to do. The leadership of FI is helpful but not controlling. They pray for us, encourage us, visit us and give words of insight but they also release us to be all God has called us to be. It is refreshing to be a part of FI.


Missionary To The Philippines


The care and attention which is given on the field and off the field is an amazing experience of love, care, concern, ‘having my back’, listening and hearing and caring for me and my family and the follow-up is unmatched as I see it. I find this genuinely their heart to see God glorified in the earth in all nations


Missionary To Tanzania


“Without FI we probably would not have been able to make it for the last 21 years”. 


Missionary To The Mexico


FIRE International is a fantastic sending agency. Our leaders aren’t just leaders, but they truly love their missionaries and want the best for us. They are not far-off administrators who don’t know us well, but they come to us and visit us in our places of ministry. FIRE International is my sending agency because of the leadership, their hearts to love and honor the Lord, and their desire to see Jesus made famous throughout the nations of the world – by life or by death.


Missionary To The Philippines

Being on the mission field in Africa for over 19 years, I am very thankful to be with FIRE International who have continually encouraged me along the way. Knowing there are people on the American side of my work to help when hiccups happen, when supporters call with questions, newsletters and the many other things they do plays a vital part in me being able to do all that I do.

Missionary To Africa


Serving with people of integrity is important to me, and the FI staff are exemplary! They do a wonderful job of taking care of us on the field! I am truly blessed to be a missionary sent out through FIRE International.


Missionary To Ukraine