Why Join A Missions Agency?

The Biblical Answer Is That The Apostles And Others Were Always Sent And Supported – With Prayer And Gifts – By Others. This Is The New Testament Pattern.
(Acts 13:1-3; 2 Corinthians 8-9)

FIRE International Is An Inter-Denominational Agency That Serves The Whole Body Of Christ. Since Our Beginning In 1999 FIRE International Has Been Helping God’s People Do What They Are Called To Do To Reach The Nations By Fulfilling The Great Commission.

Local Churches Across The United States Send And Support Their Missionaries Through FIRE International And With Our Assistance. FIRE International’s Purpose Is To Help Missionaries Fulfill Their Call From God.

FIRE International Missionaries Are Involved In Many Kinds Of Specific Ministries, Targeting Unreached People Groups And Communities All Over The World. They Are Engaged In Church Planting, Evangelism, Discipleship Training, Education, Feeding Children, Rescuing Trafficked Children And Adults, Youth Work, Rescuing Orphaned Babies, And Offering Services To The Poor.

FIRE International Workers Are Currently Serving In 25 Nations On Every Major Continent. Organizationally, FIRE International Does Not Micro-Manage The Missionaries Ministries. However, We Look To Balance The Need For Support, Integrity And Accountability Of Our Missionaries With Freedom To Do God’s Work In An Unencumbered Manner.

Some Of FIRE International Missionaries Work Directly With Indigenous Leaders And Ministries In The Nations, While Others Are Working Independently In Sensitive Or Restricted Areas Of The World, And Still Others Work With U.S. Based Churches And Other Organizations.

Relationally, FIRE International Gives Missionaries A Sense Of Belonging To A “Family” Of International Missionary Colleagues. Affiliation With An Agency Like FIRE International Also Gives The Missionary Credibility With Churches At Home And Abroad, And With Ministries On The Field.

TESTIMONY From Andy And Karyn Pricer – Mexico

“We Were Never Called To Go And Make Disciples Alone, Even Pioneers Need A Good Support System Back At The Home Base.  After More Than 22 Years On The Mission Field With FI As Our Sending Agency I Can Honestly Say That They Go Beyond Being An Organization And Are More Of A Family To Us.  Organizations Will Take Care Of The Many Practical Areas Of Missions That You Will Definitely Encounter On The Field, But A Family Goes Even Further And Protects Relationships And Callings.  Fire International, Like A Family, Helps You To Grow In Your Strengths As They Walk You Through Your Weakness.   Along With All The Office And Financial Reporting They Perform At The Home Base To Keep You In Good Standing With All Concerned, They Support, Pray, Correct, Visit, And Bring Counsel As You Work Towards All That God Has Called You To Be And Do In The Area Of The World That He Has Called You.  Highly Recommended.”

FIRE International’s Reputation As An Established Inter-Denominational Agency Helps Open Doors For Missionaries. Finally, Missionaries Feel Secure In The Knowledge That FIRE International Staff Members Are Working Daily To Care For Their Personal Affairs.

Administratively, FIRE International Provides Many Services That Can Be Difficult For An Individual Local Church To Consistently Provide, Such As Contribution Management And Reporting, Newsletter And Mailing Services, Financial, Legal And Tax Consultant Services, Promotion Of Missionaries And Projects To A Wide Audience, And Up To Date Information About New Trends And Services Related To Missions.

1. Receive Tax-Deductible Donations On Your Behalf.
2. Process Those Donations So Your Contributors Will Receive A Tax Credit.
3. Process Monthly Payroll. Handle Numerous Banking Issues.
4. Track Reimbursable Expenses So Your Taxable Income Is Reduced.
5. Make Sure You Receive A W-2 At The End Of The Year.
6. Maintain Project Expense Reports And Notify You Of Their Due Date.
7. Send Out Bi-Annual Giving Statements To Your Contributors.
8. E-Mail You Your Monthly Reports.
9. Maintain Your Mailing Lists.
10. Order Remittance Envelopes And Update Your Letterhead.
11. Receive Your Newsletter.
12. Create And Layout The Letterhead.
13. Rework, Edit, And Layout Your Newsletter As Needed.
14. Print Your Newsletter.
15. Fold Your Newsletter.
16. Prepare Your Newsletter To Mail.
17. Bulk Mail Your Newsletter For A Reduction In Postage Costs.
18. Take Your Newsletter To The Post Office For Mailing.
19. Send You Your Mail Once Or Twice A Month.
20. Pray For You – Pray For You – Pray For You. Skype/Facetime With You.
21. We Feel This Is The Most Important Aspect Of What FI Does For You: Give You Counsel And Pastoral Care. We Desire To Have A Strong Relationship Of Accountability Both With You And Your Work.
22. Visit You From Time To Time On The Field.
23. Maintain Legal Papers For You, Ie. Wills, Power Of Attorneys, Burial Preference, Etc.
24. Help With Filing Your Taxes And Help With Tax Questions.
25. Keep Your Paperwork In Order To Protect You From Tax Auditors And Jail Due To Ignorance Of Tax Laws!
26. Design Your Prayer Cards.
27. Assistance With Visa Applications. Assistance With Ordination.
28. Answer “Millions” Of Questions From Concerned Friends And Family About How You Are Doing.
29. Raise Funds For You. Speak To Contributors For You. Brag On You.
30. Answer All Your Questions And Concerns.

This Is The Short List! We Are Happy To Serve You.

FIRE International Receives A 10% Administrative Fee From All Contributions, Which Helps Underwrite FIRE International’s Daily Operations.

FIRE International’s General Fund Is Also Supported Directly By The Generosity Of Churches And Contributors.

FIRE International Is Committed To Excellence And Integrity In Financial Management
And Has Voluntarily Maintained The Active Membership With The Evangelical Council For Financial Accountability (ECFA) Since 2006. Annual Audits Are Available Upon Written Request.