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Welcome to Fire International

What We Do

Our full-time, short term and intern missionaries have helped to establish church plants, orphanages, nutritional farms to feed malnourished children, discipleship training schools, safe houses to fight the sex slave trade, marketplace ministries and so much more. In addition to reaching out with the Gospel wherever possible, our FI missionaries and teams are used for extended cross-cultural training for missionary interns.

Who We Are

FIRE International is the missionary sending agency of FIRE (Fellowship for International Revival and Evangelism), providing oversight and pastoral care for our graduates and others as they follow God’s calling to Shake The Nations and Change The World! God is releasing His anointing by His Spirit to bring Revival Fires upon the earth today. Partner with us and help us take the Gospel to the nations! If you, your Church, or Bible School is looking for a way to send workers to the harvest fields of the world, give us a call.

Newsletters from Our Missionaries

Stephen & Francine Heiks May 2019

Hello All,                                                                                                                  I think I said we would send out a newsletter quarterly…well, maybe not. It’s been 7 months since the last one (first one) but I...

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Brittany Valdivia’s April 2019

OBEDIENCEThis word has recently taken on a whole new meaning for me! I used to see it as something really challenging or negative. When I would think about walking in obedience many times I felt like it meant giving up something I loved or like it was...

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Leann Peterson May 2019

Dear Friends and Family,                                                                                                                                                             Христос воскрес! Воістину воскрес!  On April 28th the Orthodox world...

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Carol Britton Update, 5-2019

Dear Family and Friends, April showers bring May flowers. The trees are bustling with new green leaves and flowers are brightly popping up everywhere. It’s a beautiful time of year and the air is still very fresh (cold). This time of year also brings out lots of...

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A.W & Kathy Jones May 2019

Dear Family and Friends,  Thank you all so very much for your prayers and faithful financial support. We are seeing lives changed one person at a time. God is moving here in Mexico and we are seeing a lot of people giving their lives to Jesus! Many are...

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Jonathan & April Noah May 2019

     Over this season of dreaming big dreams and building partnerships we have often been asked “what is the date that you are leaving?”. Time and again we have given generalized answers of when we might be able to leave based on how our funding was going...

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Brian & Stephanie Forbes May 2019

Return from Belgium…   Carol and I could relate on many levels (from daily chores of life to ministry perceptions) despite our age difference. I enjoyed hearing her life story, how she came into ministry and how God has led her through the years. It was...

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Treasure House April 2019

• Remodeled facility in preparation of the implementation of our full afternoon program with classes 3 times a week• Hired a school teacher to teach computer and math classes• Visited the homes of our students• Held meeting with parents to explain our new...

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