Joining FIRE International

Guidelines For Becoming A Fire International Missionary

FIRE International is seeking committed men and women to exalt Jesus Christ as Lord by impacting this entire generation with the fire of revival by raising up an army of radical, Spirit-baptized laborers committed to taking the gospel of Jesus to the ends of the earth – By life or by death.

  1. Request a meeting with our directors.
  2. Complete the application and return it. A $25.00 non-refundable application fee must be included for each applicant. Married couples must apply separately.
  3. If married, both the husband and wife must complete an application. Dependent children of applicants are not required to apply.
  4. Three recommendations must be received before the application process begins. You are responsible to see that they arrive at the FI office. Forms provided by FI.
  5. Submit a recent individual photograph with each application. Couples with children should submit a family photograph also.
  6. Your application will be reviewed by the General Director and Assistant Director, who will contact you for any clarification needed.
  7. After FI Board approval, you must make an appointment for the FIRE International-Missionary Orientation. Orientation will familiarize you with the staff, and help acquaint you with our policies, procedures and services.
  1. Upon acceptance you will be classified as a Missionary Candidate. During this stage, initial deputation, orientation, and general familiarization of FIRE International policy will take place. The Candidate will remain in this stage until minimum support level is reached and departure date to the field of service is determined. If the minimum support level is not reached within 18 months from the beginning of deputation, the candidate’s appointment is subject to review.
  2. Each candidate must be ordained or licensed by a ministry recognized by the Federal Government. Upon acceptance by FIRE International, candidates without previous ministerial credentials or those who have no affiliation with other ordaining organizations, may be ordained with approval through FIRE Church.
  1. Spiritual and Relational
    a. Applicants must have had a personal experience of salvation through Jesus Christ. They should also have received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Applicants must be living a consistent Spirit-filled life demonstrated by a walk of faith and obedience to God’s Word. Their Christian testimony should reflect a “good report” by those inside and outside the Body of Christ.
    b. Applicants must submit a recommendation from FIRE School of Ministry Faculty, BRSM Faculty, IHOP Faculty, Ekballo Staff member, an FSM or IHOP trip leader, student ministry leader, your church’s pastor or your employer.
    c. Applicants must have a proven record of giving tithes to their home congregation. Being able to show regular support of missions by offerings is also recommended. We have found through experience that those who have not tithed and supported missions will have a difficult time financially on the mission field. Our policy is that no one will be sent out who does not have a proven giving record.
    d. Applicants must demonstrate a willingness to flow with the Administration of FIRE International.
  2. Educational
    Each applicant should have a working knowledge of God’s Word. FIRE International will receive Brownsville Revival School of Ministry, FIRE School of Ministry graduates and others who meet the qualifications of FIRE International with special approval from the FI board.
    a. Applicants must read “On Being a Missionary” by Thomas Hale, “Ministering Cross-Culturally” by Sherwood G. Lingenfelter, and “Survival Kit to Overseas” Living by L. Robert Kohls and turn in a book report to satisfy the minimum requirements to join FIRE International.
    b. Applicants should have taken at least one missions trip during their schooling with FIRE School of Ministry, BRSM, IHOP, Ekballo or their local church.
  3. Physical
    Each applicant and all dependent family members must have a thorough physical examination and medical clearance from a physician before application approvals can be finalized.
  4. Marital
    a. Every missionary, whether single or married, is accepted on his or her own personal merit.
    b. FI requires you to abstain from initiating a courting or marital relationship for the first year of service. The first year is used for intense language and cultural studies as well as to focus on developing your work in the field of your choice. All single FI missionaries are required to inform the administration at the onset of courtship and before announcing their engagement. A prospective marriage partner will be accepted as a missionary only on grounds of meeting FIRE International requirements.
    c. No newly married couples will be allowed to leave for the field until the Board feels sufficient time has passed to allow for marital adjustment. A minimum of one year is generally required. However, each couple’s situation will be independently evaluated according to the circumstances and situations at the time of their marriage.
    d. A wife is expected to share her husband’s call and participate in and support her husband’s ministry on the field. The establishing of the home and the wife’s ministry to her husband is considered participation.
    e. Divorced persons with a spouse still living are accepted by FIRE International contingent upon individual case-by-case review by the Board of Directors.

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