Words Of Life Outreach

About Diverse Praise:
Founders, Clint and Amy Horst, have been impacting young people’s lives since 1998, guiding them in various artistic pursuits and life coaching. After witnessing the transformative power of their work, they relocated to Hawaii in 2018, following what they believe is God’s call to influence the realm of arts and entertainment for this generation. With a strong emphasis on leadership, character development, and community unity, they continue to empower and activate individuals to reach their full potential. Their decision to join a team in the Middle East for three months reflects their commitment to spreading hope and making a lasting impact.
Our team:
“We’re an amazing crew of 50+ individuals from multiple nations.  We embarked on a three-month mission across South Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and now, Turkey. Our mission has two parts:
First, we’re memorizing & sharing life-changing Bible stories with Syrian and Palestinian friends. Second, we’re on the ground, helping where needed. Our diverse team is united by our commitment to compassion and sharing God’s love. We were in Egypt and Jordan, fully engaged, just before the recent events in Israel and Gaza. Now, we’re extending our hearts & support to the people of Turkey too!
Our current efforts are all about spreading hope. Whether we’re visiting homes, cheering on youth soccer games, or gathering socially, we’re here to listen and meet the fundamental needs of the community. Through heartfelt prayers, moments of laughter, and fostering a sense of belonging, we’re making a positive impact. Remember, our time here is limited, so let’s make every moment count!
We’ve come a long way in Jordan on this incredible journey, but we’re at a critical point now. To complete our mission and make a lasting impact, we urgently need to raise the remaining funds. It’s not just about covering expenses; some of us have ongoing costs at home. We have a deadline for $51k – we must secure these funds by November 11th in order for many of us to continue on with this outreach.
Our commitment to making a difference doesn’t stop when we leave. We want to continue support to the refugees we have and will connect with in the coming weeks. We have and continue to plan on connecting with those affected by tragic events in these regions. That’s why we aim to provide resources to local churches and organizations we’re connected with, ensuring they can continue their positive work long after we’re gone. Your support can help us achieve this ongoing impact, bringing hope and change to these communities.
Join us in making a difference!