Swallow’s Nest Project

Over the past several years we have developed good relationships with several government operated orphanages in North-Central China. From this we started ‘Swallow’s Nest Phase One’ over a year ago to provide transitional foster care of Chinese orphans until their international adoptions were completed and they were turned over to their new families from English speaking countries. This period of foster care provided the child with basic English language acquisition and a loving Christian home where their spiritual, physical, social, and emotional needs are met. It is so amazing to watch children transition from institutional life to family life. We truly love this work.

‘Swallow’s Nest Phase Two’ is an expansion of this theme with the support and staff provided by partnership with the Brothers and Sisters in our area. The location of this home will be a bit more discreet or “just under the surface” as we say. This home will be staffed 24/7 by fellow Brothers and Sisters caring for at-risk orphans who need more attention to their medical, nutritional and emotional needs than can be met at a traditional government orphanage. Prayer, good food, and a loving Christian environment will make a big difference in the life of these beautiful children. We thank you for your prayer and support of our children.

Swallow’s Nest is operated by special project funds raised on a monthly basis; we appreciate your continued support. We operate several other project accounts so be sure to specify which fund you wish to support.
Swallow’s Nest Project: All funding goes to the operation of our home for children.
Lulu Surgery Fund: Funding originally went to cover the cost of Lulu’s Spina-Bifida surgery but now is used to provide major medical and surgery cost for all our foster children in need. Our next surgery need is for six month old XiaoJun’s heart surgery which will be done in Hangzhou when he is between 8 and 12 months old.
Leader Support Project: Provides needed funds to allow new like-minded leaders to go directly into their new posts without having to work full-time in a secular job. (Full time work in China is much more demanding in all areas of one’s life than full time work in other countries.) We hope to provide short-term support for many nationals to help them become established and grounded in dad’s work after they graduate from UGC schools. After a leader is established and can meet his monthly needs then support would go to another new leader. New leaders are a key to dad’s expanding work in our area.

“We hope that the opening of Swallow’s Nest will be just the beginning of many nests being established over the years to come. Thank you for your help.”