India Project


Syam & Melody Bandi are praying that God would help them find more teachers that have the same heart to train and equip this generation with the Word of God to be able to reach the lost in every part of India with no respector of cast or creed. There is also a need for teaching material, and buildings for classrooms and dorms.

UPDATE February 2021

Our School of 800 has been closed for some time due to Covid19. Our funds were depleted.
PTL we now have permission to reopen!

We need help NOW to upgrade, make a few repairs and make it covid safe for the children.
We need $3,000 to upgrade the bus. We must have the bus repaired to to reopen the school.

The seats have molded and need new covers. We have already started making new covers.
>There is rust damage and we are working on repairs .
>Shifting box needs to be replaced.
>A couple of batteries are needed
>And pay insurance .

After repairs and paying insurance can we pass brake inspection and get road certification so we can run buses.

We need $2000 to make repairs to the buildings.

Several fans are not working in classrooms we are calling an electrician to see if it is power problem or fan problem.
>Some kindergarten chairs are broken and need to be replaced.
>A few student tables legs are broken and in need of repair/ welding.
>Recharging fire extinguishers for inspection
>Plumbing needs is the biggest need sinks etc for hand washing for COVID regulations .
There are just a lot of little things that need to be done which adds up to a lot.
Please consider helping the school of 800 children to reopen. This a great opportunity to bless the children.
Any amount will be appreciated and so helpful. Thank you so much for your consideration.

Syam and Melody Bandi
Serving in India

The needs are great, so as you read this please take time to pray and ask Father what He might have you do to help. As always, they need prayer partners to come along side and help them not only plow the ground, but most importantly pray for the souls in India. We serve a God of the breakthrough Who is more than able and more than willing to do exceedingly and abudantly more than we could ask or imagine.