Tim & Sharie Martiny: Guatemala Projects

Serving the orphaned, vulnerable and disabled in Guatemala.
Cadaniño serves orphaned, vulnerable and disabled children in Guatemala through spiritual formation, educational reinforcement and family strengthening programs at our community centers located in their neighborhoods as well as in orphanages where they live.

At our centers students come in three times a week for three hours, each day they receive an hour of Bible study or values classes, an hour of computer classes and an hour of tutoring and educational reinforcement.
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Feed a child, save a family, share the Gospel, give eternity.

During the Covid-19 crisis, as countries around the world have struggled to combat the spread of the virus, people have suffered.
Guatemala, a developing country in Central America, shut down on March 16th, implemented strict quarantines, curfews and placed many restrictions on the population, all with the hopes of stopping the spread of a disease they believed they were ill equipped to handle. People suffered, but the poorest suffered most.

The population we serve are amongst the most vulnerable. Many are day labors who use they money they earn one day, to pay for food the next.
When the country shut down, there was no transportation and little work. These people began to suffer.

Since March 16th, the Cadanino ministry run by Tim and Sharie Martiny, missionaries in Guatemala since 2002, stepped in to help.
Every month the families of the 200 students in our programs have received bags of food staples to ensure that they don’t go hungry during this crisis.
$20 pays for a bag of beans, rice, corn flour for tortillas and other essentials to cover basic meals for the family for a month.

We have 150 families in our programs so it costs $3,000 to pay for one round of food for them. With every round of food distribution, we share a message of hope, encouragement and salvation that is only found in Jesus Christ.

All the parents and students who receive food are enrolled in our distance learning program of tutoring and Bible classes during the Covid-19 crisis and will return to classes in our two community centers when we hopefully resume classes in January 2021.

Sponsor A Child In Guatemala

What is pays for:

Your sponsorship will provide a vulnerable at-risk child with the opportunity to enroll in our community center in Guatemala where they learn valuable skills and break the cycle of poverty and be discipled.
By meeting the needs of vulnerable children, in the communities where they live, we help preserve the family unit which helps prevent children from ending up in orphanages or making a dangerous journey to another country.
By working in a holistic manner to provide at-risk children with quality supplemental educational support in their communities, targeting areas in which they personally need help, leveraging technology to teach cutting edge skills, working in partnership with local business, schools, staff and volunteers, while teaching spiritual formation, instilling values and providing nutritional assistance, we produce better academic results and improved community outcomes that help to radically change lives.
The truth is that the only thing that is more expensive than educational assistance for these children, is the lack of it.
We serve the children in four areas, intellectuals, spiritual formation, educational reinforcement and nutrition. The exact programs each child participates in varies depending on the center they attend.

Current programs include:
Spiritual Formation. Bible classes teaching them about God, prayer and what it means to be a disciple.
Educational Reinforcement. Math classes, tutoring and help with their homework. Access to a lending library of educational books. Use of our computer classroom to do research and investigations for their homework.
Intellectuals. Computer Classes, typing, MS office applications, Internet applications, email, web design and programming. The ability to join specialized clubs teaching robotics, engineering, woodworking and culinary arts.
Family Strengthening. By ministering to the parents and families through Bible classes and by providing services to their children where they need it most, we enable them to do the job that God has given them to do of raising their children.