Christopher Farms International

Christopher Farms International works to develop agricultural and business ventures in underdeveloped nations to create jobs, produce food, and generate revenue, all working toward the end result of feeding children.

Our vision is to feed 10,000 undernourished children a healthy meal daily.

God spoke loud and clear and gave me an entire vision of what He wants our family to do. We feel God calling us to move to a small city called Malita. This will put us closer to our church plants in the Talucanga area and also help us reach out to tribes in the mountains.
On a larger scale, God is leading us to move to the Malita region and purchase a piece of property to start a base. From there, we, together with the Christopher Farm team, would create teams to launch out into the mountains of southern Mindanao to preach the Kingdom. Like our Carp church plant, we will begin introducing Jesus to these different tribes through feeding outreaches, and Lord willing, in time, we will plant a church in the area. It is obviously larger than us and all the things He showed me are overwhelmingly big. So we would like you guys to partner with us in prayer for the fulfillment of the things to come.

We are looking at moving to Malita in late Spring 2016. That is only 7 months away! We are so excited for all God is doing We would like to ask for your prayers as we are looking for a house to rent temporarily at first while we search for land for our base. From this base, we will begin to reach out to the tribes in the mountains, as well as host Christopher farms. Christopher Farms and the pigs are still flourishing. However, right now there are some problems with the land being too small, so I am looking to move the farm to a bigger piece of property.
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