Jill Omari has been with FIRE International for 19 years. Jill and her family reside on Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

You can follow the Omari’s journey at and link to their YouTube channel.

Through the years Jill has worked with church planting, running a boys home, and many aspects of ministry such as outreach, teaching and preaching.
Jill’s years of cultural experience and heart for Tanzanians to know Jesus is what makes her a valuable asset to the FIRE International Tanzania team where she serves as manager. She also actively serves on a board of one of the most successful anti trafficking organizations in Tanzania where her ability to be a bridge between two worlds helps this international organization to move forward when needed.

The Omari family believes that God has called them to share Jesus through the love of Jesus. In 2020 because of circumstances alone they started to help people who were hungry and then it launched into a wonderful ministry that they call PROJECT LOVE.
Project Love helps people on a short term basis in crisis get back on their feet. Feeding the starving, helping with medical bills, helping to build a house for a poor family, helping the lame to walk and the blind to see. Every case is different, and every person has their own story but to God they are all so special and wonderful to Him.

Jill has a desire to stir a cultural awareness here and around the world for the need to take care of our elderly. In 2021 she is moving forward to launch a project to help starving widows and encourage communities to visit the elderly. She has a heart to bring awareness of the need to fight the digital age of our youth being addicted to devices and neglecting a generation left behind and alone.

Jesus has a heart for all; the orphan, the sick, the well and the widow too.