For 17 1/2  years Alice has been living in and loving the people of Moshi, Tanzania and other areas of TZ as the Lord leads.  She has never lost the burden and desire to see the people of Tanzania and the East African Nations come into their rightful place with the Lord Jesus Christ. She sees the desire of the Lord’s Heart for His creation.
Alice’s daughter, Gloria is now 23 years old and has completed 2 years at Fire School of Ministry in Davao City, Philippines.  She also did 5 months of ministry internships with ministries on Samaal Island and in India.  She returned to Moshi, Tanzania in October, 2019 and has now begin a 3 year degree at MUCOBS University in Moshi Town. She is studying Community Economic Development and is truly loving it.  Gloria also ministers with a few different children’s ministries in Moshi, including 2 churches.

Alice and Gloria have seen God do so many miracles in so many ways.  He provided the financing, housing, strength and everything else she needed for Gloria to live in the Philippines for those years and never went without. Now, He is doing the same in Tanzania.  His love is faithful and He hears the prayers of his children.  He has provided every need and more!

Alice is the Communications Co-coordinator for all the church events and ministry outreaches.  She brings daily and weekly communications to the community of believers for Kilimanjaro International Christian Center  (KICC).  She is also very involved with the Women’s Ministry (WWK)who meets every week to plan evangelical outreach to our neighbors, caring for brand new moms, blessing the pastors, helping to organize the outreaches which are done by the women of the church.

Alice is also involved with the BELOVED community and the Teen Challenge Tanzania ministry in Moshi. Seeing the lives of men and women changed by the Love of God is a daily pursuit, not matter how large or small.  Love covers all!

In January of this year, 2020, Alice is taking a new role as a volunteer Coordinator for Fountain of Hope Secondary School.   New Life Foundation (NLF) is registered in Tanzania as a non-profit private boarding school in Mili Sita, which is about 15 minutes outside of Moshi.  The Fountain of Hope Christian School (this is where Gloria spent her first 7 years at school after her Mom died) has always been a school who received 70% of their children who are orphaned or abandoned.  NLF has been doing this since 2001.  This year the school has been invited to the TANZANIAN NATIONAL DEBATE CHAMPIONSHIP 2020.   Her role is to work with the chosen secondary level students who will participate in the National Debate in June, 2020.

In addition to all this, Alice is also continuing to minister to the leaders of the church here with the Fountain of Grace FOG Ministry.  The restoration of life for those who have been pouring into the Tanzanian people’s lives is so needed here.  Pastors and leaders of churches are getting ‘burned out’.  The goal of FOG is to give them an opportunity to meet with the Lord, in a very natural setting and receive ministry to be strengthened again to labor in the fields.  Having a weekend retreat, without outside influence, is changing their lives and transforming their ministries.

Alice continues to travel to other nations as well, to teach and preach as the Lord brings opportunity.
She would love to hear from you by writing to:, on FB: Alice Limpert Tanzania or WhatsApp.