Morgan and Michelle are based in Hawaii and take part in staffing the Ekballo Discipleship school that trains leaders to take the gospel into distant lands overseas to multiply Houses of Prayer. On staff, Morgan and Michelle help to equip and disciple the younger generations of students that partake in the school program. Their desire is to see students lives touched by a deep love they have never known in the Lord and to grow in passion and devotion in their walks with Christ.

Morgan and Michelle contribute to the Missional aspect of the discipleship school by going on national and international trips to pour into various regions. These trips are not only important for helping to equip students with cross-cultural skills that will benefit them in their long term walks with Christ, but they also leave deep impacts on peoples and places. Some places they have ventured to are Israel, Mexico, Thailand, Tokyo, and all through throughout the U.S. to witness the gospel. Worship and prayer is an integral piece of the school ministry Morgan and Michelle partner with and are always at the forefront of their missions, their daily ministry work, and in their devotional lives.

Morgan and Michelle are both graduates of the Ekballo Discipleship school program and long to see the Lords heart ministered to people throughout the earth and at their home base in Hawaii. They love to do evangelism and outreach in Hawaii and on their missions trips, in really whatever place or circumstance they are in. Morgan also has a huge heart for connecting with others through soccer which is such an international and cross cultural sport. Michelle finds joy in sharing the Lords heart through the art of worship and singing.

On a day to day basis, being on staff includes helping to foster a Christ centered community where Morgan and Michelle do all of living and fellowship together with those on the base. It also entails working on the school’s land to develop a sustainable coffee farm and garden. Other responsibilities include helping to run/manage aspects of the school such as teaching, house of prayer, outreach programs, worship, administration, and community life.

Ultimately Morgan and Michelle’s heart is to follow the Lord wherever He is leading and to take His heart to the ends of the earth.