My heart is to love the unlovable, see the broken and hurting restored, and bring hope to the hurting and hopeless.
I just recently returned from working  in the Philippines for 3 months where I spent some time working with young girls who have been trafficked, as well as some time with the people who live in the mountains. I loved my time there and am currently building a partnership team so that I can return.
During my time in the Philipppines the Lord really began to burden my heart for the youth, so my plan is to go back and begin outreach with the youth.
I will be going into the mountains and schools and reaching out to the young girls. MY goal is to:
Meet with them corporately as well as individually on a weekly basis
Provide opportunities for them to encounter the Lord and grow in their relationship with Him
 See them become firm in their identity and value in Christ
Help them identify their gifts and talents and inspire them to dream
See them get to the place where they can now lead and mentor the ones younger than them.
The Lord has given me lots of dreams and visions concerning what He wants to do with the youth, but for now it starts with loving on and building relationship with these young people.
I look forward to seeing the Lord use me to show His love, freedom, restoration, and hope to those who are most precious to His heart!