S.O.A.R. 40:31

SPIRIT OPERATING AROUND RULES (SOAR) 40:31 was created during an intimate time of prayer with the Lord. Stacy established this project once God revealed that his freedom and redemption transcends all rules, principalities and societal expectations of one’s progression. Stacy was directed to Isaiah 40:31, which states that those who trust in the Lord will find new strength, and soar high on wings like eagles. Through this revelation, Stacy recognized that God will bring deliverance which supersedes the norm, as he does not operate within our rules.

Hence, the name SOAR 40:31 was birthed.
Through SOAR 40:31, Stacy will establish a partnership with her clients and FIRE Church to ensure spiritual growth and discipleship. Her heart is for all to walk in freedom. She believes it is pertinent for individuals to connect to a church and community to ensure spiritual growth, and to provide accountability. Your funds will permit her to collaborate with professionals and provide workshops about nutrition, academic advising, time management, and self-image. All workshops and small groups will encompass a Biblical perspective, to teach clients how to depend on the Lord as their source of strength. SOAR 40:31 will also provide mentorship to help clients progress in all areas of their life.

Mission Statement
SOAR 40:31 believes all individuals can walk in total freedom if Jesus is included within the healing process.
All intervention encompasses a holistic approach, in order for individuals to progress in all areas of their life.
Our program teaches the following:
Renewal of the mind, and ridding oneself of toxic thoughts.
Removal of obstacles that interferes with spiritual/social progression.
Finding strength in the Lord as opposed to self.
Partnerships between the church, professionals and local community.

Vision Statement
We believe God desires for his children to live in freedom, and not be bound to sin or generational curses. We believe in teaching others how to incorporate Biblical truths into their everyday lives. We will demonstrate how studies concerning the mind, body, and spirit align with practical Biblical teachings
Although we rely on Jesus as our strength and guide, we believe we must choose whether or not we allow Him to do great works within us. We believe there is great power once an individual desires change, and is open to collaboration with others. We believe that God has not created us to live life alone, and the greatest change will come through community, love, and support. Our ultimate goal is to raise up leaders in various communities, to empower others to live a life of liberty in Christ.
All prayers, donations and words of encouragement are greatly appreciated!

For additional information,  please visit the SOAR 40:31 webpage!