R, Steve & Amy

Steve and Amy currently live on the Big Island of Hawaii, serving at Ekballo House, a missions training base. Ekballo Ministries trains and equips young people and families to go to the nations, preparing the future fathers and mothers who will lead movements and know what it is to walk intimately with the Lord. The first year of Ekballo House establishes individuals into their identity in Christ. The second year launches students into roles of leadership. The ministry base operates on a 25-acre coffee farm with 5,000 coffee trees that is a part of the students training.
Amy is currently supporting the directors in assisting to lead the second year apprenticeship program for students who know they are called to full time ministry, to gain overseas missions experience with long-term established bases. Given Amy's experience in missions mobilization the directors have invited her to help in further developing the curriculum of the program as well as teaching elements from her personal experience overseas.
Steve serves to support the daily operations of the coffee farm and assists in helping to oversee the planning of the future infrastructure of the property. He also helps lead the weekly prayer and worship sets at the ministry’s House of Prayer. Together they will help lead the overseas trips which are part of the second year apprenticeship program while also mentoring some first year students.
This past spring, Steve and Amy launched their first ever ministry based Wilderness First Responder course, offered on site at Ekballo House. This combines two passions of Amy’s- her love for wilderness training, and heart for mobilizing missionaries to the nations. It has been incredible pursuing what God has placed on both their hearts in this way, and what Steve brings to the table has made it a reality! As a senior instructor for SOLO schools for years in Wilderness First Responder training, Amy has been able to take the medical curriculum that is nationally recognized as training for outdoor guides, and create a missions focused training for missionaries. This applies to emergency care for anyone more than an hour from a hospital- something that is often true on the mission field.
They are excited for continued opportunities to offer this course locally on the ministry property, but also to take this training directly to front line missionaries who need it the most! For more information click the link below, or send an email if you or someone you know is interested in getting certified :)
They are SO excited to see what this next year holds and know that this is only the beginning!

Watch this video about our work.