Jill Omari
Ndoto Yetu means “our dream” in swahili. Ndoto Yetu is a project with a heart to help orphans through a movement that will reduce hunger through education in areas of Health, Family, Spiritual growth and Agriculture.
Ndoto Yetu does support the current orphanage model existing in the world as a current solution to the overwhelming problem, but aims to work together with nationals and international people to develop healthier long term plans. However ,at current, orphanages are NEEDED until a better way is found.

This year we intend to launch our first issue of Ndoto Yetu magazine that will be a first of its kind. A completely Swahili publication with the intent to teach small organic practical garden projects, health, family and spiritual growth. We have reached out to other ministries connecting with information aiming to reach the vast majority of people. Ndoto Yetu magazine needs 6,000 dollars for its first issue that will reach 10,000 people . In the future we hope to help make this PARTIALLY sustainable through advertisement spaces in the magazine.
The start of our garden club happened this year, 2015. We meet monthly to discuss topics related directly to farming on the equator and at this altitude. Our meetings are open to the public, fellow missionaries, co workers, and nationals of all different walks of life. In 2016 we will start a second meeting that will be in Swahilli and will be open to teach and train near one hundred professional gardeners healthier ways to maintain soil health and garden without the use of costly chemicals.
In 2016 we hope to build our Organic Farm Project that will show several methods and options to the people that will work for them.

Total cost of this project in the first year set up is 100,000 dollars. If necessary we can move forward with a minimum of 25,000 dollars.

In late 2016-2017 the plans are to assist in training and building facilities.

In 2016 we plan to build 12 banana circle/water catchment systems to assist the elderly who are caring for their orphaned grandchildren. If this is effective, according to our 2 year study, we will push hard to make this an effective option to help reduce orphans in orphanages.
Ndoto Yetu relates with likeminded ministries who are aiming to come up with alternative solutions to orphanage systems. And example would be pro-adoption movements and grandparent-grandchild communities. Our goal is for unity.
Through sustainable farming projects we can reduce hunger in our country and bring the message of Hope.

Aside from church planting, in 2016 we aim to meet monthly in our children’s playground ministry to reach the children with the message of hope, give them teachings in basic health, and an opportunity to share God’s love to the hundreds of kids we reach there.