The Christners lived and ministered to orphans in Nikolaev, Ukraine from 2003 to 2012.  During that time they bought land in a nearby village called Krasnoe and started a building project to begin a community for orphans.   They continue to oversee the project and the team (Oleg & Nadia Dyachenko and Dima Glonyagin) that are ministering on the site.  Several people in the village have come to Christ through this team.   A church and children’s ministry have also been started through their evangelistic efforts.
The first building site is Shiloh.  The shell of the building is complete, but the inside needs to be finished.  Shiloh will be for young orphans to be raised in a family setting while awaiting adoption.  Adopting families will be able to stay on site and interact with the children so that it will be a natural setting for them to connect with each other.
Fresh Water Supply Drilled and Pump – $5,000
Inside of House Finished – $35,0000
The name of the other sight is the Joshua House.  It’s for older orphans that usually don’t have the prospect of adoption, but need working  and social skills to make it in society.  Seventy percent of children that go through the orphanage system enter into a life of crime.  Twenty percent commit suicide and only 10% make it to society.  Most of the 10% are those who have been adopted.  The main house and barn is complete and their function will be to serve as a self sustaining farm where the guys can learn farming and construction skills, learn to work on a team, experience family life and most of all meet Jesus in a loving environment.
The needs are…
Hay Barn/Food Storage Built – $1,000
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