Tanzania Girls Home Project


The vision for the girls’ home “HOUSE OF HOPE” is to be a safe house,  a home for “Accepted” girls that others have orphaned/abandoned, or abused physically and sexually, as well as the disabled and unwanted, and those who have been forced into prostitution or sexually trafficked.
The girls’ home will be a home that focuses on providing a family atmosphere. It is our heart’s desire to give these young girls a place to call home; not just an institution to keep them alive, but a home to help them and teach them life skills and how valuable they are to the One who created them, their Father in Heaven. Our aim is to give them a home to mentor them and teach them of God’s great love for them. We will provide a safe and loving environment for disadvantaged young girls and we will provide basic needs like food, clothes, education and, most importantly, love. We would also like to teach them a life skill for the future of their livelihood. Through the love of Christ, we will release hope into them and give them a future while teaching them that God has a plan for their life and that they are precious to Him.
The vision for these targeted young girls:
To provide them with school education and job skills, so that they can be provided with an opportunity for future employment as they grow older.
To teach them basic life skills so that they will be given a chance to reintegrate back into normal society.
To teach them through demonstration the love of God so that they will be healed inside out and grow confident and secure in who they are, knowing that they have a purpose in this world.
Description of the target group

STREET GIRLS: A street girl is a child who may live on the street full-time or part-time. These young girls may have living relatives but for whatever reason are forced on the streets to beg for food and money or forced to perform sexual favors (FORCED PROSTITUTION) for food and money. Many times they are forced on the streets to provide income for the family or to provide income to support abusive habits like drugs and alcohol. Some street children are themselves, addicts. Young girls forced into this kind of life have no self esteem, little life skills, many times no education, are extremely bitter and full of anger, many are sexually abused, suffer with lifelong struggles of trust and healthy love, and many come from neglectful homes and suffer with lifelong social dysfunctions.
The primary causal factor driving children to the streets in Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro region is neglect and abuse of a verbal, physical, and sexual nature.
In the Kilimanjaro region alone, 30% of young girls in and out of our region are engaged in sex trade.

UNWANTED DISABLED GIRLS: A disabled child may be one with down-syndrome, some type of disease or physical disability that would cause their family to not want them for fear of them not being able to cohabitate in society. Many times in Tanzania a child of this nature is abused sexually within the family or tossed away because they are considered “NO GOOD”.

ORPHANED & ABANDONED: Children given away or left by their parents

OUR AIM: To reach out to young girls (toddler-teenager) involved with prostitution, forced prostitution (sex-trafficking), abused, orphaned, abandoned  and disabled.

We believe God’s Heart is for the children and people of Tanzania and we are excited about what He is doing. God has given us a mandate to reach out and be His hands, feet and voice to the children, youth, young adults and adults in the Nations. WILL YOU HELP????
“If a man shuts his ears to the poor (widows, orphans, homeless, abused, broken families), he too will cry out and not be answered. A generous man will himself be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor.