Raul and Shelli are the Student Life Directors at Ekballo House in Na’alehu, Hawaii. They live within reach of those who need parents, love, counsel, advice, and simply at times a friend. Taking every opportunity to add in a teaching moment or two as well as bringing out leadership qualities in them. Sometimes it is simply being the spiritual dad or mom to shepherd them through issues that life and school bring
and whatever else may come their way.

Besides the day to day living amongst the students they teach classes, account for all of their homework, administer the hospitality of the guests of the school and minister together with them whether it be at a local church or at an outreach event. With excitement, the House of Prayer will be launched in June; right here in the southernmost city of the United States!

Great value is placed on family and the generations co-laboring together. Their goal is for the students to leave with a sustained culture of life in Christ, ready to build community wherever they go. They believe that lifestyle gospel preaches louder and strikes a harder blow than empty articulated, polished words and that it gives authority and impact to prayer.

Raul and Shelli have fully immersed themselves into this work and are enjoying doing what they are called to do. Training up tomorrows leaders to be healthy, God fearing, lovers of God who in turn can train up healthy, God fearing, lovers of God.

This will be their third year as the Student Life Directors at Ekballo House in Hawaii and they are looking forward to what the Lord has in store for this next year. There are several students returning for the second-year apprenticeship/discipleship program in August. The first-year students will be arriving in September to begin their journey at Ekballo House.