Abi, his special needs sister and daughters are one of the only Christian families in their region. Abi*, the father grew up in a Muslim family but encountered God during time spent in America. God called him to return to his homeland in a small city near Syria to be one of the only witnesses in the area. Because of his faith, he is unable to work, however God gave them a plot of land to build upon and live off. Abi built a small one-room home with his own hands and with supplies he could find. This has been where he, his wife, his special needs sister and four daughters have resided for the past several years.
Location details:

>Turkey is 99.1% unreached (see JoshuaProject.net).
>Turkey is listed as “Very High” in the world for Christian persecution in the form of 
Islamic oppression (see OpenDoorsUSA.org).
>Turkey tracks religious affiliation on identity cards, leading to discrimination, 
enormous pressures, and/or legal and bureaucratic obstructions (see OpenDoorsUSA.org)

Families Source of Income:
Monthly government assistance from mental health claim for sister/aunt
Monthly profit from renting out small portion of farmland
The Abi family purchased a piece of farmland approximately eleven years ago. Upon settling down, the father built a small one-room house (3.5m x 10m), outhouse, and kitchen space for their family of seven. The one-room house has no foundation and is currently dilapidated as a result of age and extreme weather conditions. The current walls have structural cracks. Temporary, yet insufficient, fixes have been made to the house over the years. The house is currently unstable, the foundation is shifting and the roof is leaking which is causing many issues during the winter and rainy seasons. The infrastructure is no longer sound causing issues with windows and doors, thus leaving the family more exposed to the elements of nature. Because of low income and a lack of job opportunities for believers, they are unable to pay for the largest expense of laying a foundation to build a proper home upon.
 Approximately five years ago, the family was offered financial assistance from an Islamic humanitarian organization towards building a home. They declined it, as receiving assistance from an Islamic organization went against their Christian conscience. The parents and four teenage daughters are in need of privacy and their special needs aunt/sister requires proper living conditions. The family regularly hosts seeking Muslims and believers in their home as a form of ministry and a larger home will bless them to expand their ministry and the mission of Jesus in the land.


The total cost of building a new home for the family is $40,000 USD. This cost covers the foundation, hiring workers, walls, flooring, electricity, plumbing, appliances and furniture. Most of which the family has lived without for 11+ years. We have currently raised $17,000 which is covering the cost for initial foundation and building. The family has already broken ground and are excited as they see their new home built.

Once sufficient funds are raised, the foundation can be laid within 1-2 months. Subsequently, a house can be built room by room with cinder blocks, mortar, and stucco plaster of sand and cement to resemble the picture below.
It is our joy and honor to bless our brothers and sisters in Christ, and we believe our Heavenly Father gives extravagantly, not just the bare minimum! So we are trusting that together we can bless this devoted family with MORE than enough!
Message from Abi:
This past Wednesday, before leaving their farm, the father kissed the hands of our on the ground contacts (a sign of highest respect) saying,
 “For many years, I asked the Lord, “Where are my 100 fold brothers and sisters that You promised me in Your Word?” And now, I see that you all are the fulfillment of this promise.”
Thank you for being a part of the fulfillment of this promise and for blessing this family with us financially and through prayer!
 Main Beneficiaries:
Christian Abi Family living by Syrian border in Eurasia (father, mother, special needs sister/aunt, four teenage daughters / 7 people)
Advocate Contact:
 Adina Shabe, Main Contact
For any questions or further information contact Adina: adinashabe@gmail.com
Sarah A., Field Worker
* all names changed for security purposes