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Carol Britton Update - May 2021 - Fire International

Dear Family and Friends,

I arrived here in Brussels, Belgium 32 YEARS AGO TODAY, 17 May. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long. Who knew I would be here as long as this? Wednesday, I met with a Belgian friend, who served as a missionary in Africa for eleven years, who thanked me again for investing in Belgium and Belgians. That touches my heart so deeply. It wipes away all my grumbling and complaining. God has provided well all these years and even with all my various health challenges. He is Good! I love Belgians and Belgium, my adopted nation!

I’m also reminded that the old saying of Belgium being a missionary graveyard, is false! There is life, and life in the Spirit here. More and more prayer is taking place in Brussels and all over Belgium. I can remember 25 or so years ago that some Belgians had never even thought of praying for their children who were struggling, their children’s teachers, schools, city or even national officials. Now, many more have faith to move mountains and are trusting in our Almighty God to do just that. It’s encouraging for me to see so many Belgian prayer warriors arise.

Belgium has lifted the non-essential travel ban for travel within Europe. But Belgium is still marked as RED, meaning we have a high level of covid cases. So even if you do travel within Europe, there will be Covid-19 testing before leaving and upon arrival in other areas or countries as well as possible quarantines. So, it’s not the best time to travel outside of Belgium yet.

Belgian officials are hoping that with so many people here having Covid-19 vaccinations, that the Covid-19 cases will decrease. And more restrictions will be lifted.

They have opened dining and drinking at outside terraces. So that’s wonderful. I had lunch with a friend in a garden Friday. It was a little cold, but so nice to be with a friend and be outside. Everyone is yearning to get outside and do something normal. Hairdressers opened again and I had a nice hair cut and “caught-up” with my hairdresser. He keeps me informed of his views of governmental issues in Belgium.

I have had numerous regular medical checkups the past few weeks and want to share that I am now “pre-diabetic” and no longer “diabetic”. This is such good news to me. I wanted to shout when my doctor told me that. I also just had some checkups that will be followed in one year so that’s good news as well.

In January, my cardiologist said that the “congestive heart failure” that I had was reversed in 2015 with the medication that he’s prescribed to me. Now it makes sense when he always said that my heart looked “parfait” (perfect) during the echo-cardiogram. Again, the Lord has provided such good medical care for me all these years. I first saw my cardiologist in January 2002 when they discovered the massive amount of blood clots in my lungs. And he’s been my cardiologist ever since, providing me with excellent care. He prefers to speak French with me as he doesn’t want to say the wrong things in English. But when I was asking him about the congestive heart failure in January, I didn’t know what it was called in French. So he spoke to me in perfect English and gladly. He’s such a nice man.

My Health:
I am doing well except for some hay fever issues. My last physical therapy session is tomorrow and I’m trying to exercise at home. What a blessing! Sometimes not being able to interact more with others is frustrating, but for the most part, I’m okay.

Will you pray that I can continue to be disciplined enough to eat right, exercise,
and be healed of pre-diabetes, respiratory problems and heart weakness with
no long-term problems?

My Finances:
I thank you and the Lord for His provision financially.

I would appreciate your prayers that all that has been promised to me will come in. The Lord has been and is faithful to provide.

Will you pray that my support will increase and my expenses decrease?

May God’s Kingdom come here on earth as it is in Heaven!

Thank you so much for your prayers, friendship and support. Your partnership and friendship are so important to me. I love and appreciate each of you so much.

Love in Christ,


Carol Britton

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About Carol Britton

Carol’s passion is strengthening Believers to take their place in society – to make a difference wherever they are, living their Christian lives more fully and being an influence for the Kingdom of God in the workplace. Her desire is for believers to learn to invite Jesus into every situation and pray into the injustice they see and experience even in their jobs.