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Adina February 2021 - Fire International

The Precious Stone
        During my last weeks in the country, we began traveling throughout the region and God placed many people within our paths who were hungry for Him. In one particular city, we were exploring some shops and walked into one selling carpets and jewelry. After spending about an hour with the shop owner we could tell he was seeking truth but also battling a great deal of confusion. We began speaking with Him about our King, he had many questions and doubts about what we were saying. We then held up some of his diamond rings (which he had cut and formed himself with his elder brother) and talked about the process the diamond has to go through to become beautiful. We shared 1 Peter 2, about Him being a precious stone in whom we trust. His suffering that affirms who He is and what He did for us all. We spoke for many hours, this shop owner even turned away clients because he was so enraptured with the words of God he was hearing. Before we left we asked him if we could pray over him, he excitedly received prayer in genuine reverence. Before we left he told us, “what you have brought to me today is like nothing I have ever seen. I have had many people of your belief come to my shop, but they have not talked or looked as you girls do. This is the greatest day of my life, better than my wedding day! I must go home now to tell my wife and son all these words you have shared with me.”  
We had the honor of meeting this beautiful Syrian family and were invited to their home. The eldest daughter (14 years old), is preparing to get married in a few months. God gave us an open door to spend some quality time with the two children. That evening we went on the roof of their home and began sharing the truth and mighty love of the Father towards them. They were both excited and open to these words. My pastor from the States was also praying during this time and sent us some prophetic words for them. We shared these words with them and they were deeply moved. The youngest son’s eye continually lit up when we spoke to him about the love of the Savior and he asked many questions. We are believing through continued friendship and love this family will see the transformative love of Abba.

Welcomed In   
      A few weeks go we felt the Lord lead us into a little Chinese restaurant. When we entered we discovered the server was a young Afghan man (Zeeman) and the owner was a Chinese man (Uncle Ho). One of my friends speaks fluent Chinese and I had been practicing some Farsi. We began talking with them and could sense very quickly they were open to hearing of our King. I sensed that while Zeeman was smiling there was a deep ache of loneliness and sadness within him. Uncle Ho shared with us that his entire extended family shares in our belief but he had yet to be convinced of its truth. We began discussing various things with them and they were very curious. Currently, in this country restaurants are only doing take-out orders, it is not allowed to eat inside. However, they desired to hear more so they took us to a secret back room. We asked if we could all pray together and received some prophetic words for them both. I had one of my Iranian friends translate into Farsi a note to Zeeman about the incredible love of the Father for him. Zeeman was touched in a very authentic way, he tangibly experienced the emotions of the Father for him and was overjoyed. Before we left he took a photo of the note of Abba’s love and made it the background on his phone so he could read it daily.

Fruitful Perspectives     
     God began speaking to me about perspectives of fruitfulness during this trip. Often in these regions, there is a narrative it is hard and to not expect much fruit. While on some level this is true God began redefining what I may define as fruitfulness. Fruitfulness is not all about the masses and numbers, fruitfulness comes from taking time to stop for one person at a time, being yielded and obedient at a moment’s notice. He spoke to me that as His saint and daughter, His glory, His life and power are within me at all times, therefore He can flow through me anywhere and to anyone open to receive it. As He taught me this we saw so many people who in the natural may seem closed off receive a touch of heaven, receive healing or see His glory through us. These are all pieces of fruitfulness in the kingdom.      

     During one of our cross-country trips, we drove to a remote village in the mountains. The view was beautiful so we pulled over on the side of the road to enjoy the view and take some photos. As we stood there a woman walked past us, then sat on a rail on the roadside. I instantly felt the Spirit nudge me to speak with her, in the same moment my two friends felt the same nudge. We approached the woman and began chatting with her. After a few moments, we began discussing the good news. I felt the Spirit speak she had severe pain in her lower back and knees. We explained His healing through His life, death and resurrection. We asked if we could pray for her and she agreed. We laid hands upon her and declared healing. After a few moments her pain subsided, we asked her to try out the healing. She hopped up and began walking upright and straight without limping. She was so excited she quickly turned and began triumphantly walking home with a big smile.  



I am currently back in the U.S. for a few weeks while I plan my next trip to…


My desire is to head to Iraq in the next month however, due to COVID restrictions this could change in an instant. 

I am requesting some intentional prayer about this trip. There are many challenging variables regarding traveling to this region during this time, yet I feel God leading me back to this land. I need prayers for favor for visas, insight for flights and timelines. The goal of this trip is to travel to some cities in the region and partner with some long-term people there in serving children and vulnerable communities. I will also be scouting out this area as a long-term location for me to go to. 

Much love and blessings,



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