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Jonathan & April Noah November 2020 - Fire International

November 2020

    We want to share with you a bit more about the Maasai tribe that we are working with in Tanzania.    Last month we shared a bit about their pastor and this month we would be honored to share a bit about the people and their life.   The Maasai can only be reached by 4 wheel drive as the trip out takes you over and through dry river beds that have been cut deep into the sand and dirt.   As we pull up we immediately see their mud huts with thatched roofs.   Most of the huts are barely tall enough to stand up in and are about the size of a 10×10 room in the average American home.   Surrounding many of these huts are tree branches and shrubs that are laid out as pens for the goats, sheep and cows that they herd.    The Maasai are herdsmen and thus move around a lot but live a very simple life.   The tribe area has no running water.   There is a well but water is pumped through an above ground plastic pipe in from the city and having no money to pay the monthly cost it remains dry.   Living near a river bed that floods during rainy season there, for a short season,  is an abundance of water that unfortunately contains many contaminants that cause  sickness when drunk.    

     The Maasai have stuck strongly to old ways and pride themselves upon this fact.   When we go out to visit the proper greeting from a child to an adult is “Shikamo”.  Translated it means “bend a knee”.   When we arrive the children run up and say “shikamo” and they bow their heads and bend a knee slightly.   This is their way of asking for a blessing from the elder person (us).  The response is to gently place a hand on their head and say “marahaba” which in essence means that we are giving them our blessing.    There is much respect for the paternal elders in the tribe and we are often honored to be visited by the “Baba” or “father” of the tribe.   Every time we are able to go out to visit the Maasai we are blessed as they honor us and are privileged to share with them  the word.   We are eager to return to this work as soon as we are able to.

     This time of year always brings to mind family and friends.   Because of being back in the US over the last few months we have had the honor and privilege to be able to reconnect with you our family, friends and ministry partners.   We have had the opportunity to go to the FI missions conference and connect with fellow missionaries from other countries.   We have had a few opportunities to visit with partnership churches and friends aver the last month as well and our hearts are full.  These relationships are so important to us.   As this ministry in Eastern Africa is not possible without your prayers, partnerships and friendships, because we are in this together, we want to make ourselves available to pray for you as you make needs known to us.  We want to hear from you so please feel free to reach out to us and contact us.  If you are interested I n connecting with us while we are in the US or think your local body might be interested in having us share more of these stories please contact us by email at

   We are excited to finally have new prayer cards coming out with the newsletter this month!  Will you post it and remember to pray for us?  Also, please consider partnering with us with a one time gift (we expect about $7000-8000 in one time costs in the next few months for visas and plane tickets) and really need to increase our monthly support by about $1500 to return.  Over the next couple months, we would really appreciate if you would prayerfully consider linking up with through prayer and financial partnership.

Jonathan & April Noah

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Our vision is to Empower, Equip, Exhort, and Encourage the local people and ministries of Eastern Africa. So, as to become self-sustaining in order to further the kingdom of God, our heart is to see people be radically changed by the power of the gospel.