Dear Family and Friends,

November 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!  I pray you have a wonderful day of celebration with your loved ones!  What a year this has turned out to be!  Even with a pandemic, quarantines, and crazy politics, God is still worthy of our thanks and praise!  Let us remember to give thanks to our wonderful Savior Jesus for all that He has done for us and all that He is going to do!  I know I am very thankful for you and your participation with me in spreading the Gospel to the people of Ukraine!

Evangelism:  Once again we had the chance to share Jesus while blessing people with free coffee and tea, of course while being safe with our masks, gloves, and sanitizer!  The temperatures were just starting to get cooler, so many people were welcoming the hot beverages.  We happened to be out the day before a big mayoral election in our city.  Everyone wondered who were campaigning for, my answer was always: “Jesus!  Because He’s always loved you and never forgotten you!”  It so happened, that an “Instagram Influencer” from Krivoy Rog came by our table and got some coffee and candy.  He recorded us and put it on his instagram with the caption “Can you believe it? Jesus is giving out free coffee and treats in Krivoy Rog” and told where we were located.  That little video was watched over 100,000 times that day!  So, I think more than a few people found out about us and what we were doing!  God can use anything, right? All glory to His beautiful Name!

Church of Truth’s Seventh Birthday!  Our Church of Truth celebrated it’s seventh year this past month!  We had a wonderful service to celebrate and remember all that God has done! Every seat was filled and there were many more who had to stand!  We’ve come a long ways in seven years!  The progress on our building is continuing and hopefully next year our True Hope Center will be open!  God continues to bring us new people, and we are overjoyed to be able to minister to those He has entrusted to us!  

Dormitories:  I’m so thankful for the six weeks we were able to meet with the students in the dorms before the schools were closed again for quarantine.  There was plenty of time to form a good foundation with them and every week they were always waiting and expecting us to come.  So hopefully, this period of quarantine won’t last too long so we can get back to meeting with these students again!

Greenfield Women’s Home:  No, we are still not allowed to visit the ladies, but I brought them a trunk-full of presents and treats!  There were bananas, candies, puzzles, crayons, coloring books, pens, notebooks, and lots of photos from our times together – all those things I know they love!  I was hoping to see a few ladies, but we weren’t even allowed inside the gate.  The nurse was thankful for remembering them.  She said they were all praying that quarantine would end soon because the ladies miss us so much and are always asking when we are coming to visit. We sent them our love and let them know we are praying for them!

Mom’s Dormitory:  This is one place we are still allowed to visit regularly, since it is families welcoming us into their home!  I do enjoy meeting with these Moms and their kids every week, although sometimes it’s hard to get them to settle down and listen.  But then there are those moments when one of the children unexpectedly tells us about something they’ve learned from our lessons and my heart rejoices!  Every seed planted is important! 

Prayer Points-————————————————————————————————

  • For God to be glorified in Ukraine!  For many to come to salvation in Jesus!
  • Pray for the Church in Ukraine as quarantine prevents many regions from gathering together, that the Body of Christ be strengthened during this time!
  • For our leadership team for provision, a few are in need of work, peace, and healing!
  • For me for wisdom, safety, health, and encouragement! 
  • For all those we cannot visit: students, special needs homes, and children, that they would feel loved, supported, and encouraged!
  • For revival to come to Ukraine! For healing and miracles!


Wisconsin:  It’s still not certain yet, but I am hoping to be in Wisconsin for Christmas!  If so, I do hope to see many of you!

I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ abundantly bless you and that you clearly see His faithfulness in your life!  Thank you for your continuous support and prayers!  I am blessed and thankful beyond measure for you!  You are often in my prayers!

God Bless You!  Your Missionary to Ukraine,


Leann Peterson

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About Leann Peterson

Leann has been serving in Ukraine since 2003. During that time she has witnessed the Holy Spirit touch a multitude of people, bringing them salvation, healing, freedom, and deliverance. Ukraine has seen it’s fair share of hardships: hopelessness, corruption, alcoholism, high divorce rates, addictions, depression, and poverty. But God can change all of that! He has given Leann a heart for the people of this nation. She believes that the Holy Spirit will be poured out upon Ukraine and that there will be a mighty move of revival all around the land!