Dear Family and Friends,

It IS Summer, but the weather here in Belgium feels like Spring with highs around 70F (20C), sometimes with wind and rain. So it doesn’t feel too much like Summer and the streets are pretty quiet due to people working from home.

Belgium is doing pretty well at handling the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact my doctor’s colleague just told me it is no longer a problem here as there are only 70 cases in Belgium. But we are still required to wear masks on public transportation and now in all stores. It’s okay with me as I won’t spend much time in any of those places.

We’ve continued to have prayer meetings for the European Parliament (EP) via ZOOM on the Internet and they’ve gone well. We just ended the season last Friday as the EP is closed until the end of August as usual. Germany now has the six-month leadership of the European Union so please pray they will make good decisions for the sake of Europe. No one really knows if we will be able to pray inside the European Parliament again beginning in September or not; it’s rumored that the buildings may continue to be closed to visitors for another six months. One advantage of having the ZOOM prayer meetings is that people who reside in other countries are able to join us online.

One friend who has worked in the European Parliament for ten years has it on his heart to bring Biblical issues via webinars into the EP. Will you be praying for the development of these? We’ve been talking about this for at least six months. Perhaps now is the time and webinars are the way. Also, please pray about the viability and sponsorship of such webinars.

Churches in Belgium are able to convene but self-distancing requirements limit how many people can meet in a church at a time. Right now it’s not feasible for more than 40-50 to meet together at a time in our facilities. I’m sure that will all be relaxed soon. Also, no one over 60 years old is allowed to attend church services in Belgium as they are considered “at risk”. Vineyard Brussels continues to provide the Sunday worship and sermon via live-streaming so that’s good. We have online devotionals as well.

I’ve heard from friends during this confinement time that many have reached out to family members they’d not seen or communicated much with in a long time. So this forced-confinement has been beneficial in many ways. It has slowed us down and cause us to look more closely at relationships.

Some who have been working from home have had more intense work requirements including video conferencing. So their “work from home” has been more demanding than before. Plus how do we balance being at home and working from home?
Schools here started again in May and finished out their normal school year the end of June.

Travel is now allowed within the European Union (EU) so many are on vacations. Flights are increasing inside the EU as well. But things are not all back to normal yet. And of course no one really knows what the “new normal” will be like.

No flights are allowed in Belgium from the USA right now because the COVID-19 situation in the US is too high.

I am hoping to go to the USA in early September for about six weeks. I can fly there, but right now I would not be allowed to return to Belgium. Please pray that the COVID-19 cases decrease in every state in the USA. And that I will be able to fly to California in September and then to North Carolina in October for my Missions Conference.

Airlines in Europe have already been canceling flights left and right. I was supposed to travel in May with a prayer team and those flights were cancelled due to confinement issues. So we re-booked for the 3rd week in October and the airline just canceled my flights for that trip. Pray for God’s order for airlines around the world.

My Health:

I am doing well. I am taking some new medicine to help combat diabetes, plus a new type of blood thinner. Hay fever season is mostly over for me; grass pollens are high but they don’t affect me as much as tree pollen does. Thank God.

Will you pray that I can continue to be disciplined enough to eat right, exercise,
and be healed of diabetes, respiratory problems and heart weakness with
no long-term problems?

My Finances:

I thank the Lord that extra money came in from a few sources to help pay for my new laptop. The Lord always supplies.

Will you pray that my support will increase and my expenses decrease?

May God’s Kingdom come here on earth as it is in Heaven!

Thank you so much for your prayers, friendship and support. Your partnership is so important to me. I love and appreciate each of you so much.

Love in Christ,


Carol Britton

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Carol’s passion is strengthening Believers to take their place in society – to make a difference wherever they are, living their Christian lives more fully and being an influence for the Kingdom of God in the workplace. Her desire is for believers to learn to invite Jesus into every situation and pray into the injustice they see and experience even in their jobs.