Greetings, in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

We have been even busier during this global pandemic than we were before. I have been going out to the streets more than ever with the big cross, and we are receiving many more requests for prayer over the phone, Facebook messenger, emails and text. People are more open to the Gospel than usual because they are afraid of getting the virus. They are thinking about eternity. They are considering their ways and want to know what they must do to be saved.

A man and his wife saw me carrying the cross down Marketplace Blvd in Cumming, Georgia and stopped to ask me why. I told them that God sent me for them. After a few minutes of conversation, I discovered that the man had a severe back problem. His wife also had back issues. I proclaimed healing over them in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and both of them were instantly healed. They both came under deep conviction that they were backsliders, and they both experienced godly sorrow that works repentance not to be repented of and returned to their first love. HALLELUJAH! 💕🔥
A few minutes later, I talked to them about the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Then I prayed for them and they both received and spoke with other tongues. 🔥🔥🔥
Other people stopped and talked with me as well.
A young homeless man named Cory asked me why I was carrying the cross. As I reasoned with him concerning his sin, God’s righteousness and the coming Judgement, he soon came under deep conviction. A few minutes later, he raised his hands and prayed aloud as he surrendered his life to Jesus.
I didn’t get a picture of him because it was already dark.
Now we know that God can save, heal, restore and baptize people in the Holy Spirit from over 6 feet away. 😊

One night, young man named Juan saw me with the big cross and came over to talk with me. After spending a few minutes reasoning with him concerning his sin, God’s righteousness, and the coming Judgement, he came under deep conviction. When I challenged him, in love, to either surrender all to the Lord Jesus or reject the Gospel, he was eager to surrender. He knelt with me there on the sidewalk and gave himself to Christ! GLORY TO GOD! ❤️
A lady named Julieta stopped also. She is a follower of Jesus from the Philippines. She received the baptism in the Holy Spirit and began to speak in tongues. C’mon Jesus! 🔥
On my way back to the truck, a young man named David Darrell came running across the street. He wanted to carry the cross. He was ripe for harvest. He knew he was in danger of hell-fire and wanted to surrender to Jesus. While we were talking, I received a word of knowledge that he had pain in his hip and pelvis area. He was astonished, and confessed that it was true. There was a street light nearby. I told him to stand in my shadow and Jesus would heal him. He did, and Jesus did! 🙂
He said all pain was completely gone, but he still had the click in his hips. I told him to raise his arms while I tapped his hip and told the clicking to GO in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. All clicking was gone. Immediately, he got down on his knees there in the parking lot and prayed aloud as he gave his life to Jesus. PRAISE GOD!

One night I went out with the cross and there was very little traffic. Suddenly, a young man came walking towards me. We both arrived at the cross walk at the same time. He asked me why I was carrying the cross. I told him that God sent me to find him. After a few minutes of conversation, he came under deep conviction his sin, of God’s righteousness, and of the coming Judgement. As I shared God’s love with him, he soon sank down to his knees and to all appearance, gave his life up to Christ. He then helped me carry the cross for about a half mile. I saw him on the same street a few days later, and was able to pray for him and give him a new Bible. His name is Falmon.

Another night while carrying the cross, a young man slowed down in his vehicle and asked if I needed help. I told him I needed to talk to him. He said he needed to go to Walmart first, but to meet him at the bank down the street. While carrying the cross towards the bank, he came back and pulled over in a parking lot near me. He came closer to talk with me. I received a word of knowledge that he had pain in his back and hip. He was surprised and said it was true. I told him the Kingdom of Heaven had come near to him, and that if he would allow me to tap his back with my hand, Jesus would heal him completely right now. He did… and Jesus did! 🔥
A little further down the road, a lady who was sitting in her car at a distance saw me with the cross. She lowered her window to ask me something, but I couldn’t understand her from that distance, so I motioned for her to come closer. She is a follower of Jesus, and was wearing a hat with His name on the front. I perceived that she needed healing in her knees and her foot. She confirmed that it was true. I ministered to her through the prayer of faith and she was instantly healed in the name of the Lord Jesus. AMEN!
There were many other testimonies that I could share, but this newsletter is long enough.

We just returned to the streets of Atlanta for our first homeless outreach since the shutdown. Since there was no way for us to let them know we were coming, we only saw about fifteen of our homeless friends. But we asked them to spread the word that we are resuming our weekly BPOM outreaches.

…to help us stay on the front lines.

Your inner city missionaries,

Joel and Pat Crumpton

Joel & Pat Crumpton

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Joel and Pat are evangelists to the core. Their hearts are to reach out to the lost and dying of this world by showing them the eternal life that can only be found in Jesus. The Kingdom of God is demonstrated through evangelistic outreaches, the laying on of hands to heal the sick, the feeding of the poor, the baptism of the Spirit, and much more. Their goal is to fulfill the Great Commission in everyday life by being the Gospel in whatever they do and say.