March 2020

England-bound! Later this month, our family will be traveling back to Crewe, England to help Hope Church celebrate its 10-year anniversary. We’ll be there for two weeks, and our family is very excited to be going back after 3 ½ years to see all our friends in Crewe. Thank you to all who have helped us financially with this trip. We’d like to ask you to pray for us that our travels would be safe and easy. We’re not afraid of viruses or terror attacks or accidents, but we’d appreciate prayer coverage all the same! Also, we do still need funds to help pay off the remainder of our flight costs, so we’d love prayer for that as well. God does provide!

February was busy and fun, with several days of sunshine in an otherwise rainy month. We took Debbie’s mom to visit some of our relatives who live in Washington, family she hadn’t seen in several years. She returned to Missouri at the end of February. We really enjoyed her stay with us!

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Ministry carried on as usual, with our family helping out in children’s church, Debbie working with middle school at the Edge (church youth group), Greg doing discipleship with the 5 men he works with, and evangelizing through Uber. The more we help with children’s church, the more we get to know the kids, and we really enjoy it. Debbie was very happy to watch some of her middle school girls get baptized, and their testimonies show how God is really working in their lives and helping them grow. One of the girls is a new Christian, and her family came to see her get baptized. Hopefully, they’ll want to come back.

We have a few more Uber stories to share this month. Not only has this job proved to be a great tool in telling people about Jesus and praying for them, but it has also been a constant reminder of how lost people are. Greg regularly picks up people and drops them off at nightclubs, bars, casinos, and cannabis shops. He plays Christian music in his car, and it’s always interesting how many drunk customers sing along with the Christian songs that they obviously know. He’s heard a lot of stories about people’s problems and lifestyles.

One recent Uber story comes from a night when Greg picked up a young man from the local casino in Tacoma. He had booked his Uber from the casino to Seattle, about a 35 minute trek north. As he was getting in, Greg could see he was very sad. As the trip began, Christian music in the background, the customer began to open up about his addiction to gambling. He was a regular, and on that night he had lost $1,500 to gambling. He shared his distress about his addiction, even mentioning that in a past visit to the casino, he had lost $8,000. As the trip progressed, and Greg listened and talked to him, the young man said very passionately that it was time to stop feeding his gambling addiction and get back to church. He had been a believer but was now on the wrong path, away from God. He mentioned repeatedly about how he needed to give his life fully back to Jesus, often mentioning that Jesus was the only One who could truly set him free from his addiction and give him life again. Greg spoke in agreement and encouraged him to quit gambling and get back to following Jesus. As the Uber ride ended, the young man looked at Greg and said, “I am so glad that you were my Uber driver!  I think God set this up! Thank you!”

We must seize the moments given us to present Christ, however big or small that may seem. On another Uber trip, Greg was taking a young lady to a local hospital. As the trip began, she opened up about how her dad had just had heart surgery. Things had gone badly with the operation. When Greg asked how he was doing, she simply stated, “He is dying.” Her siblings were coming in from across the country to say their goodbyes. She was very sad.  As the ride came to an end, Greg asked for the name of her father and explained that he is a believer in Christ and would pray for her father. She was happy to hear that and very thankful. It was a small window but one Greg felt he had to use to express his concern for her situation and use as a small opportunity to share Christ. So be encouraged! God will often create moments where we can share Christ with others. What we’re doing in Washington you also can do where you’re at. Be a light to a lost world!

As always, thank you for reading our newsletters, for praying for us, and for partnering with us in the work God is doing in the Seattle area.


The Nissen family


Greg & Debbie Nissen

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Greg and Debbie moved to the state of Washington at the beginning of 2019 to begin a new work. They formerly served in Crewe, England for over eleven years, working in areas of youth, children’s ministry, discipleship, local outreach, schools work, prayer ministry, and church work. They also assisted in planting a new church in 2010.