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Barrett & Eugenia Gibson November 2019 - Fire International


November 2019

Dear Ministry Partners,

We are excited to report that we have made our first trip to Cuba!  We saw God do glorious things! The church in Cuba is alive and God is stirring a revival in the hearts of many. It was a true honor to be a part of what God is doing in Cuba, as well as to have the privilege to minister there. We would like to thank each and everyone of you that made this trip possible through your generous donations and prayers. This ministry would not be possible without you. We are very thankful to God that he has sent each of you into our lives.

The purpose of our last trip was to establish connections and to lay the ground work for future ministry in Cuba. Cuba is a country with so much need.  It was very important for us to see where and how we could help with the resources God has given us. When we arrived, we began to visit various churches.  We met with each pastor hearing the needs of each church. Many of the churches we visited barely had a roof structure and many were nothing more than a metal carport. I told my dear friend Nate, who was with me, that even though many of these churches lacked an enclosed building, it was something special about them. It was not the building condition, but it was the hearts of the people who filled them. It did not matter to the people where they went to worship, but what mattered was that the presence of God filled the place. It was refreshing to see this passion for Christ. Many of the pastors that we visited even told us that they had to walk over ten miles just to get to their church.

One of the most exciting parts of our trip was the evangelism event. Over 500 people came to hear the gospel of Jesus. It was amazing to me to see all these people gathered outside in the hot sun wanting a touch from God. We saw many people give their life to Christ for the first time and many even received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, as well as healing. There was a strong anointing for healing in the meeting. We saw Jesus heal many people. Also, there were people with lots of pain in their body that received healing. Many people were delivered from alcohol addictions and witchcraft. We saw Jesus touch a young child’s eye where God gave him back his full sight. One lady, I will never forget, came up crying to the point she could not even share what Jesus had done for her as she was just weeping out of Joy. She had a tumor on her thigh and as she was praying she said it just disappeared! To Jesus be all the glory!  We were also able to pray for each person at the event which lasted for several hours.

Another special event was the pastors meeting where we had over 30 to 40 pastors attend. This was very interesting, as I preached my very first message in Spanish. This was not something that was planned, but I am thankful to God for giving me the words in Spanish. At the event I spoke on I Corinthians chapter 13 where we read that there is no greater gift from God than Love. After the event, we provided food for everyone and we were able to donate $720.00 between 20 churches that were in need.

On Sunday night, we held our last service.  My friend, Nate, helped lead the worship. I spoke on the need for repentance and the importance of having the fire of God in our lives. That night I could feel much oppression trying to come against me as I preached God’s word. This was because God would do something amazing!  At the end of the sermon, an alter call was given, where God met many people and forgave them of any hidden sins in their lives. God broke something in the Spirit that night and I felt a joy from God enter the church.

We are now going back to Cuba this November 2019. This time we will be going back with a small team to continue the work of the Lord in Cuba. While we are there, we will be ministering at different events and will be holding two large evangelism meetings. Please consider partnering with us as we will be providing food and transportation for around 2,000 people. We will also be trying to raise support to purchase a home that will be used for a new church plant. Our target goal is $5,000. Any donation is very much appreciated.  Even $5.00 can go a long way. We also understand that not everyone is able to give financially, so we would ask you for your prayers. We are expecting God to do great things and to win many for the kingdom of God. Thank you, again for your continued support and please send us your prayer request as we would like to lift each of you up in prayer. 

Many Blessings,

The Gibson’s

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