Dear Family and Friends,

As for most of you around the world, schools have begun again here in Belgium. It was a little quiet this summer with usual meetings canceled for July and August. I was able to finish working on administrative papers for the House of Prayer for all Nations – Brussels, and complete the financial and tax reports for the Belgian government. I enjoy the summer months here as it is usually a little more quiet with few meetings, and a lot of people away from the city. Also, in early July, the Tour de France cyclists rode through Brussels a few times, creating more excitement. How thrilling that was!

We are meeting again to pray in the European Parliament (EP) each week after having no meetings from mid July until the end of August. With the European national elections and elections for Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) in May this year, the EP is still being reorganized: Assistants to MEPs are still being hired; some people still are not sure if they will be offered a new job for this next five-year term; MEPs are still setting up their offices… So, praying for a “settling God’s way” is a must.

This year it seems that they’re off to a slower than usual start. Also, I am so aware that Brexit has a great influence on what’s happening in Brussels and the European Union (EU). The confusion and chaos regarding Brexit creates such instability and is unsettling. We’re praying for the Lord to stabilize the governments His way.

Finland has the presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU): 1 July – 31 December 2019. The priorities of Finland’s presidency are driven by its motto: “Sustainable Europe – Sustainable Future”. Let’s pray Finland can bring good changes to the EU.

Last week the Council, in agreement with President-elect Ursula von der Leyen, proposed a list for appointment as EU Commissioners to take office 1 November through 31 October 2024. They were selected according to suggestions and representing each of the 28 member states. Confirmed nominees will be grilled by Parliamentary committees starting in late September and then face a confirmation vote by MEPs in October. A vote on the entire Commission will be held on 23 October.

So, there is a lot of change and new shaping of the EU government taking place. It’s a time to pray that the Lord’s hand is in this reshaping and that His choices remain.

The weekly prayer meetings in my church, Vineyard Brussels, were canceled for July and August and now will no longer take place, as a big surprise to me. That frees me up to concentrate on some other things I’d not had time to do before. The church is still in transition with our new leaders in place, so I’m sure there will be even more changes to come.

I’ve been feeling some of the instability that some of these changes bring. So I’m hanging onto the Lord with all my might.

We in Prayer Initiative continued to meet during the summer months.

 My Health:

I saw my General Practitioner (GP) last week and told him I decided not to see Dr. K who had been treating me for diabetes and helping me with my weight-loss. He’s 80 years old and I’d not been happy with the additional medication that he was having me try. They had adverse affects on my intestines and caused such discomfort. My GP said he’d be happy to treat the diabetes. He even said he was proud of me taking charge of my own health and not letting others lead me. He said if necessary, he will send me to a specialist. I have been frustrated lately about not being able to lose weight and get my sugar level down. I’m trying.

Will you pray that I can continue to be disciplined enough to eat right, exercise, and be healed of diabetes, respiratory problems and heart weakness with no long-term problems?

My Finances:

 I will be doing some more fund-raising in the next few weeks. Pray that I’m able to contact the right people and explain well what I’m doing.

Will you pray that my support will increase and my expenses decrease?

May God’s Kingdom come here on earth as it is in Heaven!

Thank you so much for your prayers, friendship and support.  Your partnership is so important to me. I love and appreciate each of you so much.

Love in Christ,


Carol Britton

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