When God gives us a vision, He always provides a way for us to see it happen… 

For some time now, I have felt the Lord calling me to a place of impacting government and government systems, bringing the Kingdom into areas that have been lacking what is truly needed to see a nation changed, especially in areas dealing with the issue of human trafficking. Many times, before the Lord, I have asked how this could be possible…and what I would need to do to see it happen. Many times, the Lord has spoken to me to just rest in Him, be obedient to what He asks of me, and to trust Him to lead me into this rather than trying to make it happen myself.

In April, we had the incredible opportunity to speak into the lives of an entire staff of social workers from the City Social Welfare Department Office of a city in northern Mindanao.I received a letter the month before asking permission for the social workers of this office, 45 of them to be exact, to visit HFAC for a time of what they would call “capacity building”. Here in the Philippines, capacity building is something that is worked into the government’s budget for their local offices, and it is designed to be a time of learning and growing for their employees. While many of these social workers were more interested in the tourist spots on Samal Island, we knew that the Lord had better plans for them, so we determined to make their time with us count. We organized the visit and planned for them to join us at the property for a couple of hours one morning. On that morning, we were all amazed as we watched a tour bus and a van from that city driving up the HFAC driveway…60 plus people!

The Lord called us to impact this nation for Jesus… and then He delivered a city to our front door. The tour bus literally parked outside of our front door. All of these beautiful people from a city that is a 14-hour bus ride away unloaded with smiles and excitement to see the HFAC property. 

We are so aware that we have no capacity to bring restoration outside of our relationship with Jesus.We had nothing to offer these people except our experience in what we are doing in partnership with Him. So, rather than giving an orientation and input on our methods or programs at the Hope House, as is the custom here, I explained to them that Jesus has been touching the children that they sent to us and that we want them to experience the same thing. I explained that if we didn’t give them the real factor of what’s making a difference at the Hope House, then we have missed the mark. After I spoke, our teammate, Argie, shared the gospel with them. At the end, many raised their hands to receive a touch from the Lord, including the father of three of our girls (who had come with this group for a family visit). It was then that some of our girls asked if they could go out and pray for the people who had raised their hands. I watched in awe as our girls laid hands on these social workers, gave them words and scriptures, and ministered to them boldly. It was absolutely beautiful. Many were visibly touched by the Lord and crying. The main social worker stood up at the end and stated that she thought that when they came here, she would see a difference in the girls they had sent to us, but that this was far more than she had expected. Our prayer is that these people will go back to their city and bring an impact for Jesus. We are SO thankful for this great opportunity!

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Crystal Harden

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About Crystal Harden

Crystal has been a part of the Hope For All Children team in the Philippines since 2011. Hope For All Children is focused on four areas of injustice in the Philippines: orphans, malnutrition, human trafficking, and abortion.