Summer 2019 

Hello to all,

We’re so thankful that Summer seems to finally be here! It’s such a short season anyway here in the upper Midwest that when the Winter and cold Spring linger we long for warm Sunny days!  We have much to update you on!

Ministry to the Hurting

We try to constantly remind ourselves of the blessing in which God has presented to us in our move to Northwest Iowa. We’ve been able to continue in full-time ministry, especially to those who are “un-churched,” which was our biggest desire, and the other plus is that we’re able to be nearer to family members, which has never happened in 11 years of marriage! However, we often find ourselves discouraged too as it seems that some we’ve ministered to have taken what we and others have poured into them to improve their lives. But then others have taken 1 step forward and then 2 steps backwards. This can be frustrating and we often find ourselves asking, “What if, would things then be different?” But we cannot let that stop us from continuing to do what God has put before us!

We’d love to share complete details with you but in respect of those we encounter we like to protect their names and complete situations. Recently a gal called Heather came to us from another state who had been kicked out of the house by her boyfriend. She was homeless, but she also had a few positives going for her. She had already found a good job, had a reliable car, and a had a lot of initiative. In the end she found a place to live, received modest furniture, and had a renewed hope. The best part was we were able to introduce her to a pastor who then arranged for some ladies from his congregation to meet with her for a few hours before the service, and she’s been plugged in ever since.

A man named John called needing help to move. He has been on dialysis for some time now and could not move very well. He was also basically unchurched. We were able to connect him to a local body of believers who came and helped him move. We do not know if he is currently connected to a local body, but it’s our heart too, to see the body of Christ be salt and light. 

Another man we will call Bill came to us in May of last year. During that time David spent several days with him, at the time he was homeless and suicidal, David also spent several hours with him in the ER. He disappeared for a while and then reappeared 3 months ago. He comes into our office regularly to “check in and give us an update.” He is still homeless, but a local church has allowed him to sleep under their porch and lets him shower there and cook in their kitchenette. He is two months sober now, attending that church, and has a job which is incredible considering his police record. We are currently in the process of trying to find housing for him and he seems to be pretty stable and on the up and up.

Ministry to the Church

In our last newsletter, we mentioned a night of worship that we were helping to organize. In reality, we helped in the initial planning stages but the pastors and the ministry called Merge Now oversaw the event. The event was well attended with several hundred people, 4-5 towns represented, as well as a handful of area churches for a night of worship led by a worship band comprised of musicians from the various churches. 

Lyons Family Corner

With summer now here we love to start up our travels with our camper and go on weekend trips around the area. Now with 2 little ones our little camper is getting a bit crowded but we’re making it work! As David works full-time for ATLAS, Rachael loves being a stay at home mommy for the lights of our lives. They’re always keeping us both on our toes! Evelynn is now 6 months old, it’s hard to believe half a year has gone by already! She’s now rolling all over the house, sits up unassisted, and is loving eating table foods! Rylie is definitely a 2-year old! Many days she challenges our patience as she’s asserting her independence and learning what is right vs. wrong, but she brings us much joy too! It seems there’s not a word she doesn’t know as she’s now talking so well. It’s so cute to hear her sing songs and read books to herself! We’re traveling at the end of June to Memphis, TN for Rachael’s sister’s wedding. Then in mid-July we’re excited to host good friends of ours who are still missionaries in Peru!

We thank you for your prayers and support!

David, Rachael, Rylie, and Evelynn Lyons

David & Rachael Lyons

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About David & Rachael Lyons

David got saved at the Brownsville Revival in 1996 and is a graduate of Fire School of Ministry. He was a missionary in the Netherlands from 2002 to 2006 before moving back to the U.S. in the Fall of that year where he met Rachael. They were married in August of 2008 after Rachael graduated from the school and they moved to Peru to serve as missionaries from July of 2011 until November. of 2017 when they moved back to lead a ministry in the Midwest. They have one child, Rylie, who is 18 months old and another on the way in December.