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Joel & Pat Crumpton May 2019 - Fire International

Greetings, in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

God has done so much since our last newsletter! I was in Yaoundé, Cameroon for the annual Healing and Revival Conference in April. My expectations were very high, but God far exceeded them. These are just a few of the highlights.

Before I even arrived in Cameroon, while waiting for a connecting flight in Brussels, I met a young Christian man from Yaoundé. He told me about some struggles he was having. So, I talked with him about the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Before we boarded our flight, I prayed with him and he received a powerful baptism in the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues right there in the airport.

As some of you may remember, when I was in Cameroon last year, they had my book, You Can Do the Works of Jesus, translated into French  and printed a thousand copies in time for last year’s conference. They only had about 250 copies left from last year, so they printed another 500 copies this year. I told them to sell them cheap so the people could afford them, and I didn’t want any royalties. It was so rewarding to hear so many awesome testimonies from people who had been equipped by reading my book, listening to my messages, and putting the teaching into practice outside the church walls. Miracles of healing were happening in every service. People stood by the hundreds during the altar calls, and many hundreds received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. People were healed outside the meetings, on the streets, in the market and at the hospitals. A security guard was healed and baptized in the Holy Spirit at the hotel where we were staying.

On Saturday, before the evening service at the Conference, some of us wanted to carry the big cross through the giant market near the center of town. There were thousands of people there. As we walked through the market with the big cross, something began to happen. People stopped what they were doing. Many of them began to follow us. When we reached the thickest part of the crowd we decided to stand the cross up and address the people. I told my interpreter that I needed elevation. So, we borrowed some stools from one of the merchants and stood on top of them as we lifted our voices and began to preach. Almost everyone stopped what they were doing and listened to the message. Near the close of the message, we asked for anyone who needed a miracle of healing to raise their hands. Many hands were raised. We bound the spirit of infirmity in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and proclaimed healing over the people. Many were instantly healed of various infirmities and torments, creating quite a stir among the crowd. I then called on everyone was was not in right standing with God to publicly surrender their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ, with every head up and every eye open. I explained to them that Jesus said if we are ashamed of Him before men, He will be ashamed of us before the Father in Heaven. But that if they would confess Him before men, He would confess them before His Father in Heaven. Many hands were raised all over the market as we led them in a prayer of unconditional surrender to Jesus. There were only a few who did not raise their hands and pray with us. One lady who was demonic began to argue loudly and scream while we were preaching. We took authority over the demons in the name of the Lord Jesus and commanded them to be muzzled. The woman became quiet after that, and was among those who was healed and also prayed with us during the altar call.

As we carried the cross back through the huge market, when we reached the top of the hill at the edge of the market, my interpreter said that the people who lead the market called and complained that we had come there and preached without praying a blessing over them and over the market. We saw this as a great opportunity, so we walked all the way back down and went into the main office. There were about six people inside, including the Secretary of the Market and two female police officers. After praying and proclaiming a blessing over them and over the Market, I received a word of knowledge from the Holy Spirit. I asked who had back pain and who had pain in both knees. One of the female police officers said that she had severe back pain. We told them the good news, that the Kingdom of Heaven had come to the market, and that if she would give us her hand Jesus would completely heal her right now. She gave us her hand and we proclaimed healing in the name of the Lord. She was instantly healed! The Secretary was astonished, and kept asking her if she was sure she was healed. When she constantly affirmed that she was healed, the Secretary turned to us and said that she was the person with pain in her knees. We ministered to her in the same way, and she too was instantly healed. HALLELUJAH! Before we left that office, two others were completely healed from back pain. My interpreter was so excited! He said that this was a huge breakthrough – that now they have favor at that market, and can preach there whenever they want with the blessing of the leaders of the market.

On one of the final nights of our time in Yaoundé, we held a crusade in a local church. Many were saved, delivered and healed as our team, who consisted of Carol Campbell ( Director of the John G. Lake Healing Rooms South Africa ), Pastor Grace from Uganda, Pastor Shawn from South Africa, and Irene from South Africa ministered to them. About a dozen people received the baptism in the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues. It was intense! Even our Chauffeur came to the altar and surrendered his life to Jesus.

One day, we stopped at an abandoned house to drop off some provisions on our rest day for about seventeen young men who were drug-addicts and alcoholics. Although we were on our way to the zoo, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to minister to these guys. So, I shared a clear, thorough Gospel message with them as they all surrounded us. As I reasoned with them through an interpreter concerning their sin, God’s righteousness, and the coming Judgement I could see that they were deeply convicted by the Holy Spirit. I told them that if they were willing to give up their sins and surrender all to the Lord Jesus Christ, He would set them completely free, and give them an inheritance among those who are set apart through faith in Him. Before we left that abandoned house, all of them had surrendered their lives to Jesus! They also received a powerful baptism in the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues. GLORY TO GOD! That was far more exciting than anything the zoo had to offer.

Every week, whether I’m in Atlanta or somewhere else ministering, our ministry feeds and ministers to 50-100 homeless, drug-addicts, alcoholics, pimps, prostitutes, gang members and a few so-called “normal people”. Every week, people get right with God. Every week, the sick are healed and the name of the Lord Jesus is glorified. HE IS WORTHY!

Be in agreement with us in prayer as I am teaching another series of classes over live stream to the ministry school students in The Netherlands on the subject History Makers. May the students receive all that God has for them from these classes in the name of the Lord Jesus.

By the grace of God, I will be returning to the Philippines the last week of July. Please agree with us in prayer that God will supply every need, and that He will go far beyond our expectations in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN!

Our partners are the BEST! Without you, we wouldn’t have these amazing testimonies. An army is only as effective as the supply-lines. If the supply-lines are cut off, nothing happens. All of you have an extremely vital part of this ministry. It takes all of us to do this. We are a team. I’m only the courier, delivering what you make possible through your faithful prayers and generosity. WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE EACH OF YOU MORE THAN WE CAN EXPRESS IN MERE WORDS.

Your missionaries to the uttermost parts of the earth,

Joel and Pat Crumpton

Joel & Pat Crumpton

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