What an awesome time to be alive…

‘I’m sending you off to open the eyes of the outsiders so they can see the difference between dark and light, and choose light, see the difference between Satan and God, and choose God. I’m sending you off to present my offer of sins forgiven, and a place in the family, inviting them into the company of those who begin real living by believing in me.’ Acts 26:17-18 The Message Bible

Blessings on you all.  I pray all is well with you.  It’s been a great month full of activities and full of Him.  We love it and expect it to be full of Him.  He is the reason we live, move, and breathe.  

Texas Border Time

The Texas-Mexico border is something we have crossed more times than we can count but never a place where we have stayed for more than a couple of days.  Over this past month and even now as I write this newsletter, I (Andy) have spent 12 nights split between the cities of Reynosa, Harlingen, and Laredo.  Some of the time was planned and some, well we call it the way of missions, unexpected set backs that you just have to push through.  

The first trip up from Guadalajara was planned as we traveled to Reynosa to spend a week with Kaleo International and their school of missions. The week we were there they had some guests from the States speaking on church planting and that was a great interest to me. We really enjoyed our time with the Kaleo directors and staff and our talks with them about a possible connection between our ministries down in Guadalajara.  Kaleo is a part of Iris Ministries of which Heidi and Rolland Baker are the leaders.  

During our week we jumped right in with street evangelism, outreaches, preaching, and worship leading.  We felt right at home and look forward to future connections with them.  

The 2nd trip to Reynosa

I took advantage of our trip to the border and decided to renew the vehicle permit on our 15-passenger van.  Without the right permits, your vehicles can and will be confiscated and very difficult to get back, so we do our best to maintain everything in order.  However while renewing this time, immigration was quick to point out the our van is overweight according to the new import laws and I could not bring it in anymore.  I tried other entry points and was told the same thing.  With pending commitments down in Guadalajara, we had to leave the van at the ministry in Reynosa and returned by plane to our home.  I was in a frantic search to find the right auto broker, required by law, to help nationalize the van and help it to become Mexican.  I finally found one in Laredo, sent them $500 by bank not knowing all the details of how this works, scary yes, and then bought a return flight to Reynosa.  I had to wait out the weekend in Harlingen, Tx. And then came over to Laredo on Monday, finished paying for the import papers, and then this am watched my van being driven off to Mexican customs where the export and following import takes place.  So I write to you now at the hotel waiting a phone call that all is ok. I promise to update you in next month’s newsletter.  Following success with the import I have a few days to continue the transition in Guadalajara with the ultimate goal of getting Mexican license plates for our Ford van.  We need the van and we need it quick.  We have a team of 11 staying with us starting Friday and the van is our transport.  The “Way of Missions.”  It’s like the rest of life when things seem to go a little crazy.  We just trust Jesus and know He will bring us through it all.  He is so good! 

With all that said, we are now out $2300 for the import plus all the costs for extra travel.  If anyone feels the urge to help us out with some of that, it would be more than welcome.  Thank you in advance.  And thank you everyone for all you do for us.  Can’t do it without you.

Andy & Karyn

Andy & Karyn Pricer

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Andy & Karyn Pricer minister in and around the city of Guadalajara, Mexico. They also travel bringing the revival FIRE message to local churches and to the streets of various places throughout Mexico. Their vision is to raise up disciples of Jesus Christ that are ready to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel by life or by death. From healing room ministry to fiery Holy Ghost preaching, the Pricers are faithful to hasten the day of the return of the Lord by doing their part to preach the Gospel to all the ends of the earth.