Well the holiday season has come and gone, but since God is outside of space, because He created it, He is not bound by it and therefore He is everywhere and is always here. The questions is how aware of Him are we in our lives.  As  we worship, pray, read the word and minister to others whether intentional or by chance, when we focus on Christ our awareness heightens and His presence becomes more tangible to us. 

We have experienced God moving in our lives and the lives of others this last month. I had the opportunity to preach twice. Becki has had the opportunity to share with many Chinese doing Dog tours as well as love on the cashiers as she is picking up supplies in Fairbanks.  We had a great conversation with a Chinese couple, the husband is a Christian, his wife Buddhist. We explained the gospel to her and she thanked us saying that no one had ever shared Jesus in a way she could understand before, that people always tried to force Jesus on her.  We had another Chinese couple pull into our driveway about 10:30 pm to look at the northern lights. We invited them into our cabin and shared the gospel with them and gave them each a Bible. They thanked us and told us that they would read their new Bibles. They were unable to take pictures of the northern lights so I took a few pictures with my phone and shared them with them.  After receiving their Bibles they repeatedly thanked us and said that this was the best part of their trip. We have ordered some Chinese/English New Testaments to hand out to those who come to us. 

We have finished the last of our 3 rental cabins and have contacted a realtor twice now, but they have not gotten back to us.  We will be contacting a couple different real estate companies. Please pray for direction for us as to what realtor to use or if we should sell For Sale by Owner. 

We have just purchased a new septic tank for our bus. We converted it into an RV two summers ago and drove it from Fairbanks to Concord, North Carolina and back, nearly 9,000 miles. We discovered it had a slow leak this summer. Our plan is, when our business sells, to turn the key on the bus and drive it out of its parking place and begin traveling and raising funds full time. So we are trying to fine tune the bus before the place sells because we will be living out of it.  Everything is getting so close and we are getting very excited as God is preparing us for our next step on our journey to Brazil. We are excited to see how Jesus ministers through us as we begin to travel and begin full time partnership development as we continue to prepare for Brazil. 

Please pray that we can bring the gospel with boldness, clarity, and the love that others can receive. Pray that God brings the right people at the right time to purchase our business. Please pray for our endurance as we tie up all our loose ends and prepare for living and traveling out of our bus. And Please pray for our partnership development to gain momentum. 

Our monthly partnership needs are: 

25 people to give $100 per month 

25 people to give $75 per month 

40 people to give $50 per month 

80 people to give $25 per month 

If we attain these goals plus any one time gifts then, Lord willing, we will have the funds raised for language school, a vehicle and plane tickets for six people within a year as well as meet all our overseas monthly missionary expenses to bring to Brazil what we are learning here. 

Thank you! 

Blessings in Christ, 

Jesse and Becki Brattrud and Family 

Jesse & Becki Brattrud

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About Jesse & Becki Brattrud

It is our vision and focus to plant churches and to establish a base that can accommodate other missionaries and/ or those who are being raised up for ministry 

Our plan is to attend language school and while attending language school we will explore rural Brazil, west and southwest Brazil specifically, the farming communities and small towns. Our next step would be to find the area with the most need, those little red or orange dots on the map that signify less than 2% Christian. Once we find that location then we will begin to search for a central location around the greatest need to establish a base. Once we graduate language school we want to quickly and smoothly transition to the new location, walk around the villages praying and helping anyone out that we see needs and will accept it. Then invite them and their families to our place for supper serve them Jesus. Plant a church, begin street preaching in the town, raise up leaders that are capable of reproducing Christ in others and spreading the gospel. Turn the church over to the people and establish a pastor. Oversee the local pastor and repeat. The goal will be to plant as many growing, self sustaining Christ-centered churches as by Gods grace and power that we are able. To bring blessings to the communities by Acts 3:26 “When God raised up his servant, he sent him first to you to bless you by turning each of you from your wicked ways.”