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He Is God - Fire International

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! As we reflect on our last season of 2018, we are thankful we are alive, not kicked out of the country and still moving ahead. It has not been easy AT ALL and if we have learned anything during that season, it is to not lose heart. What was meant for the breaking of us we believe will actually be used for the making of us. Whatever tried to take us out will be the estab-lishing of us and what has tried and been trying to silence us, well, God has given us a voice and we will not be quiet. THIS IS A NEW YEAR! Life is so fleet-ing and can change in a moment but whatever comes He is still breathing life into us and we are determined to not waste any precious moments.

With the start of 2019 we feel a total shift spiritually and physically. We are excited about the future and what God will accomplish here on the ground in Tanzania and in us personally. We don’t feel qualified and sometimes the vi-sion feels overwhelming but the reality is if we “feel” qualified then chances are we have not yet fully seen our true assignment from God. If we can man-age in and of ourselves chances are we are not partnering with Him.

We want all He has for us. We want to partner with Him; we desire more of Him and as we seek Him He will light our path and we will find Him. God is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path but even so we are not always certain of where we are going; however, when we come into agreement in our hearts that He is good, we will realize that He will not let us go, He will not leave us to stumble or fall. It’s then that we can hold on and we know that we can be certain of who we are with. He is so good and such a loving Father! We pray a greater revelation of the Father’s heart over ourselves and you in this new Year!

Probably as for many of you the last few months of 2018 seemed like a blur as it did to us. In April after I (Mary) slipped a disc in my back and severed a nerve while in England; it seemed recovery was long and the rest of the year was swept out from under my feet as I had to stop and try to heal. While I am still recovering, life has gone on and so from my personal family side and ministry side of things here are a few pictures of life as it went on. We had an incredible team of ladies come out from NY that blessed us so much. We are partnered with an orphanage called “Children of Destiny” and God led us through House of Hope, our community Sponsored Children outreach arm, to be able to raise almost $6,000 in 1 week and send the kids back to school. It was a pure God miracle! My girls also started school back in August and got gifted horse riding lessons so that has added to our busy lives. We’ve also spent time with our Maasai brothers and sisters out in Msiti wa Tembo with the church there and in the midst of all that, we have managed to keep the restaurant running and keep moving forward with the Construction of House of Hope. The year is over and WOW looking back what a stretching, crazy, fun, sad, interesting, painful, long, hard yet growing year. It has stretched us and we feel the growing pains of that stretching and are thank-ful that we are ALIVE to say GOD IS GOOD!!!!

So after 2 years we are trying to make our way home again to get to visit many of you , connect with our team partners and Lord willing some new churches as well. Our aim is to be there May through August. Since we are a family of 6, we are in need of $6,000 more dollars to cover flights and on the ground expenses for our car rentals, gas, ho-tels or Airbnb (when needed) and food. If you would like to help us, you can go to and make an on-line Tax– Deductible donation, but please mark your giving “Street/TZ/Travel”.

We are also raising money to bring one of our closest Tanzanian family friends and Ministry part-ners the Mtunga Family. We need another $5,000 for them to be able to come and minister with us as well. You can give at the same place but please personally e-mail me at and let me know how much you are giving specifically for them. THANK YOU!!! 

We are plowing ahead at House of Hope thanks to dona-tions of some of you who have been faithful to give as God has led you. What we have been able to accomplish over the past few months has been incredible, so much so that we are ALMOST finished with the inside of the Ground floor. Sorry there is not enough room for pictures here. It feels it has been a long time coming but if you know Africa, It really takes time to get things done here and as the say- ing goes, “ It takes all day to live in Africa.”
Anyhow, I say almost because we still need $4,320 to fin-ish the ground floor completely. The monies that have come in haven’t been enough to finish painting, to put in the toilets and sinks or light switches etc. So here is what we still need: 

Finish Painting several rooms and toilets: $450

To buy and put in 3 toilets and labor : $800
To buy 6 sinks, faucets and Labor: $1,150 To buy light switches, sockets, light fixtures, wire for all rooms and labor: $1,200             Building Kitchen Cupboards and labor: $720


TOTAL: $4,320  

Upon finishing the ground floor we will be moving to the next level which has 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms a kitchen/ dining and a sitting room. This home will be a safe home for young girls like Pendo who is pictured in the photo to the left with me in our car. We currently have her in a boarding school because House of Hope is not open to keep her yet, however, having her in boarding is keep-ing this little girl from being beaten and raped like she was.

There are many cases like Pendo even young girls being sold as child brides and God has called this home to be a safe haven for these young girls so that they can have a safe place to heal and become whole. If you would like to help us finish this home, you can give a tax deductible donation at and please mark your giving “Street/TZ/HOH.”

We are praying in and seeking more team members who will partner with us in prayer and partner financially by investing in what God is doing here on the ground in Tanzania. If you love Missions, if you love Africa and what God is doing in the Nations than we ask that you consider investing into us and the ministry here by giving as little as $20 per month on-line through automatic deduction. If God lays it on your heart to give more than that, it would be even more incredibly awesome. In all transparency, we are a fam-ily of 6 and we currently have a steady income of $2,000 a month but that is not nearly enough to live on when you take into consideration school fees ($685 per month) for 3 kids, monthly car up keep (most of our roads are bad), visas, insurance, living expenses and more. So, We are looking for 200 more partners that would be willing to give $20 per month or 80 partners giving $50 per month or 40 partners giving $100 per month. All donations are Tax-Deductible. You just need to go to and mark your giving “Street/TZ.” Thank you!

*** We have created a new web-site. If you would like to find out more of what our vision is go to
And make sure to check out our new video.

The above picture is of the very first service at the property of the church plant (Maskani Yake) that I (Mary) helped at when I first came to Tanzania in 2003. Thisproperty was purchased in 2008 and we were a big part of that and now it was our pleasure to be at the first service recently on that property and honored as Spiritual Parents. It is only because of God and many of you and your obedience to Him that we are still here and are able to pour into the people that we do on a daily basis. We have spiritual children and have formed CLOSE amazing friendships throughout the years. Many people through the years have come and gone through partner-ing with us in support through prayer and finances being on our team, and a part of our ministry here and we are blessed that we have come this far. We are blessed by those who have stuck with us and continue to do so and by those who will join us in the near future, THANK YOU! Together we are touching one life at a time.We pray blessings over you and your families in JESUS NAME! Love & Blessings, Peter, Mary, Hope, Faith, Naomi & Luke Street <><

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Tanzania is part of the mass vision for Africa and the world that God has given to Peter and Mary. Their passion is for souls and to invest time into people’s lives! God has given them a vision to see the family unit restored and also to pour into others through discipleship, equipping and teaching them to be lovers of God and full time ministers in today’s world through Market Place Ministry and more. Their goal is to help people realize their gifting and God-given talents in order to develop and utilize those gifts through starting small businesses to further the Kingdom of God.