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Leann Peterson, 8-2018 - Fire International

Greetings from Ukraine! As usual, summer has been incredibly busy – but it’s all for His glory!

Smila Kid’s Camp: I believe it’s already the eleventh year of kid’s camps in Smila, and this is the third year that the Smila Church has done everything on their own. Amanda and I joined them for two full days of camp to encourage the team and help them out. They had a whopping 98 kids! But thankfully they had about 40 volunteers! They did a fantastic job! I was so encouraged to see how much the camp has grown and how well they planned everything out. What an impact it has on the community too! The Smila city government is always happy to let them use the city park because it has such a positive impact on the children. While there I taught on friendship with God and shared a message of repentance where I demonstrated how Jesus took all the punishment for our sin by doing the science experiment of how a lit candle under a glass will suck up all the water on a plate – leaving the plate dry and clean – just like He gives us new life! Many of the children prayed the repentance prayer for the first time! Praise the Lord for such a wonderful camp! I was so proud of them! In other exciting news, Pastors Dennis and Oksana finally took their first real vacation as a couple, they were blessed with the chance to go to Israel for two weeks and it was just what they needed! I’m so happy for them – I couldn’t think of two more deserving people!

The Spirit’s been speaking: Lately in my prayer times and the messages I’ve been preaching, the theme has been the same. Do we as Christians truly value our relationship with the Lord? The things we truly value we expend our time, our money, and our effort on. It’s so easy to say Jesus is first place in our lives – but does the way we live reflect that value? In today’s world it is so easy to be distracted – FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube, TV, and all the information you’ve ever wanted to know is all available to you on the internet, 24/7, and it’s right in your pocket. It’s a blessing and a temptation! Now, more than ever, we have to make an effort to keep Jesus as the King of our hearts! The Spirit is saying He’s ready to move in mighty ways – but to do that He needs those who are walking with Him in relationship. How does your life look? Do you live in such a way that it’s apparent that Jesus is first in your life?

Lemonade Evangelism: This last time when we hit the street to evangelize, we already had a lineup of people waiting for lemonade before we could even get the table setup! That’s probably because the weather was 95 degrees , the humidity was about 60% and everyone could see our cooler full of ice! We literally handed out 100 cups of lemonade in 20 minutes! Overall we were able to give out 220 cups before the lemonade ran out. We probably could have just given away ice and people would have been blessed! I’m so thankful for the chance to pray with so many people! This time our cups read “There is Always Hope!” And one woman I spoke with was so touched by that message that she dried out her cup to save it as a reminder that God is always here. As the time passed, I noticed one Babushka standing at a distance watching, a little while later, she came back by again and stood watching. Finally she came nearer to the table and I began to talk with her and offered to pray with her, at first she declined, but as we continued to talk, she asked me to pray. This beautiful Babushka named Raiisa wept as the Lord touched her heart. Raiisa said she had been so tired for so long and it felt now that a weight had lifted off her shoulders. It was a priceless moment. I love to see how the smallest act of kindness, simply taking time to pray for someone, can bring a life-changing touch from Heaven. Our God is so good, so loving, and so kind! There is truly none like Him and I want the whole world to know of His saving grace!

Greenfield: We’ve been having lots of fun with the ladies this summer. While the weather is nice, we’ve been making the most of it – we brought them bowling, a parachute, and even the corn hole game! The ladies have been so excited to play our games as it’s something out of the ordinary for them. Even the nurses have been joining in on the fun! I’ve been teaching some of the Bible stories there on my own in Russian. It’s normally been a bit of a challenge to keep all of their attention for Bible lessons – but now with the help of the beautiful flannel graph set I was gifted, it’s become so much easier! (A big Thank You to Gina!) After every Bible lesson, I love how the ladies are always eager to pray! It truly is my happy place to spend time with these dear ladies!

Update: If you’re wondering why there is no news about our Women’s Conference in this newsletter, it’s because we had to postpone it until October 6th. There were some unforeseen circumstances with several of our speakers that arose the week before our conference, so we decided to postpone it instead of scrambling to find new speakers. So please keep praying and believing for our Women’s Conference!

Prayer Points

1. At the Feet of Jesus, our Women’s Conference on October 6th. Pray that many women would be impacted by the Lord during the conference.
2. Dormitory ministry – it all begins again in September. Pray for new students to attend, open hearts, and for the power of God to be present!
3. Evangelism – Pray that we continue to have volunteers, more creative ways to reach our community, and that there would be much fruit!
4. Pray that the Church in Ukraine would have a renewed desire to pray and seek the Lord!
5. Pray for myself and the team for refreshing, fresh revelation, health, strength, wisdom, and safety!
6. For the Kingdom to be built all across Ukraine!

May Holy Spirit fill your heart a fresh and new today! Thank you for faithful partnership!

God Bless You!

Your Missionary to Ukraine,

Leann Peterson

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About Leann Peterson

Leann has been serving in Ukraine since 2003. During that time she has witnessed the Holy Spirit touch a multitude of people, bringing them salvation, healing, freedom, and deliverance. Ukraine has seen it’s fair share of hardships: hopelessness, corruption, alcoholism, high divorce rates, addictions, depression, and poverty. But God can change all of that! He has given Leann a heart for the people of this nation. She believes that the Holy Spirit will be poured out upon Ukraine and that there will be a mighty move of revival all around the land!