Greetings from the summer heat of Ukraine!  I hope you’ve been finding a way to stay cool!

A Milestone -Fifteen Years:  This year on July 5th marked my 15th year of being a missionary in Ukraine!  It’s hard to believe it’s been so long!  I’m so thankful that Jesus brought me here and has allowed me to minister to many and serve alongside such amazing Ukrainian people!  Ukraine has changed so much in fifteen years!  Thank you for partnering with me all these years and standing in faith with me for what God has for the future – I know He has BIG plans!  I couldn’t have already been here so long without you!!  Thank you! 

Lviv:  To celebrate my fifteenth year in Ukraine, I finally took a trip to Western Ukraine to the city of Lviv.  The whole time I’ve lived here I’ve constantly heard abut the beauties of Lviv – the Paris of Ukraine, and how Western Ukraine is the real Ukraine.  My friend Ashley and I traveled nineteen-hours by train get to Lviv, then we spent about three days in the city, and then made the nineteen-hour journey back to Krivoy Rog.  Was it worth nineteen-hours on a train?  Yes, it was.  It’s a very old city full of history, culture, and great food!  We enjoyed everything about Lviv, it truly is a beautiful city!  It was a great celebration of fifteen years!  Next time I’ll have to take a trip up into the Carpathian mountains.  Then I’ll have finally experienced most of Ukraine.

Lemonade Evangelism:  We had our second big lemonade outreach and I was amazed!  We served 250 glasses of lemonade within two-hours!  We also had SO MANY people from the church join us, it was fantastic.  I was so blessed by people’s eagerness to do evangelism in this way.  I had the chance to talk with so many people and pray for many as well.  One of the girls on our team prayed with a young man who was struggling with drug addiction, he said the Lord truly sent us to him because he was feeling like he’s in the darkest hour of his life and wanted to give up hope.  After counseling and prayer this man left us with hope in his heart and the keys of freedom from addiction.  I spoke with one man named Victor who simply couldn’t understand why I would leave America to come and live in such a terrible country (his words) like Ukraine.  I shared withVictor about how we all are precious and valuable in God’s eyes, therefore there is great hope for Ukraine -since it is a land filled with valuable people!  I encouraged him to believe God and pray for our nation.  With God, any situation can be changed.  One of the biggest blessings to me happened at the end as I handed out a few of our last glasses of lemonade to the people selling fruit and vegetables near our table.  There were three men selling berries and when I gave them a lemonade, they encouraged me!  They told me that they were my brothers in Christ and had watched all of the evangelism we had been doing and they were blessed!  These men had been praying on our behalf the entire time and even gave me a bag of free berries as a thank you for preaching the Gospel to our community!

Kids Camp:  In the beginning of July, Church of Truth held it’s annual kid’s camp on our church property.  The theme this year was “Shipwrecked Island.”  We truly had a wonderful time!  Throughout the week we had fifty-five children come through the camp.  It was so much fun, yet so much work!  But the results speak for themselves – we have many of the same kids return year after year and several of them come to the church now, even one little boy named Vanya has started attending with his Mom!  This year I found myself having to take on the position of the camp musician!  It’s definitely not something I ever imagined myself doing, but after a lot of practice, it went really well.  I also helped teach the Bible lessons.  We had some incredible helpers, without them camp wouldn’t even be possible!  The kids spent their time learning Bible lessons, memorizing verses, learning new songs, playing games, making crafts, and learning about photography!  Everyone had a great time!

Nastia:  Nastia is one of the little girls who has attended our camp for several years now.  This year at the end of camp, she told me her Mom doesn’t want her to attend our camp because we are not Orthodox, but Nastia told me she just loves to come to our camp because she hears about Jesus.  Nastia really has given her hear to the Lord.  One day after the Bible lesson, she asked if God still loves us even if we have sinned.  After a quick explanation about forgiveness, Nastia sighed with relief, because now she was sure God still loved her -even when she makes mistakes!  She was just one of many at camp, but we had so many kids like her with open hearts ready to receive the Gospel and God’s love.


Prayer Points

  • Upcoming Women’s conference – “At the feet of the King”. Please pray for those attending and speaking to be touched by Jesus!
  • Church of Truth Youth Camp – August 13-18 Pray that the students encounter Jesus and for strength and grace for all the ministers!
  • For me to make it through hay fever season (August-September)!
  • For health, strength, and refreshing for myself and my team
  • For the spirit of Revival to be stirred up and that Ukrainians will fervently seek the Lord.
  • For salvations and freedom from addictions
  • For upcoming lemonade evangelism


Thank you so much for your prayers and support!  You have a big part of what’s going on here in Ukraine.  God Bless you!

Your Missionary to Ukraine,

Leann Peterson

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Leann has been serving in Ukraine since 2003. During that time she has witnessed the Holy Spirit touch a multitude of people, bringing them salvation, healing, freedom, and deliverance. Ukraine has seen it’s fair share of hardships: hopelessness, corruption, alcoholism, high divorce rates, addictions, depression, and poverty. But God can change all of that! He has given Leann a heart for the people of this nation. She believes that the Holy Spirit will be poured out upon Ukraine and that there will be a mighty move of revival all around the land!