Hello all, 

It is spring time in Alaska; it is a time of new life and a time of change.  Back during the Brownsville Revival days my roommates would say to each other, “Change, change is good. Steve Hill likes change”. Oftentimes intimidating change is something that I try to embrace,  as long as it is on my terms. Otherwise I tend to wait until the last minute and then let God do the very thing that He knows is best.  In this case that is making our transition into full time occupational ministry. As many of you know my family runs a construction company in the summer and a dog sled business in the winter. Our construction company is very small, just me, and when I need some help on a project my beautiful wife helps as well. This allows us to spend a significant amount of time with our clients. They learn our hearts and vision. We often have really deep conversations about our faith. They see our lives and hear our testimony.   

Our dog sled business allows us to speak and share Jesus in mass with tourists as they go through our place. They are part of our lives and treated like family while they are with us and so by the nature of the business they ask questions about our lives which leads into sharing Jesus with them. Those who hunt know that there are two types of hunters, those who stalk their game and those who let their game come to them. We hunt both ways, but have seen far more game by positioning our lives in such a way that people come to us, thereby taking the pressure off of us to “witness” to people. We just intentionally live our lives in such a way with our business that people ask questions, and well, it would be just plain rude not to answer them. 

Now we are preparing to head to Brazil, Lord willing, in the next 12-18 months, though personally I’d love to be there by April 2019, my personal goal.  It is hard walking away from our current ministries of construction and dog sled tours, but we know that God is calling us to go. Our hearts are burning for the people, to see them grounded and growing in Jesus,  to see them mature and begin to pastor and evangelize their communities. 

God has been teaching us how to start a work out of nothing with our dog sled business; how to share our faith in a way people can receive it and leave changed; how to build a place that can accommodate many people at one time; how to incorporate our children into team ministry in such a way that they are a great asset for sharing the love as well as conviction of the Father. God has also taught us the value of sharing our faith through hospitality,  and how to share with many people with love and boldness; how to ask questions that provoke people to examine themselves, and to avoid arguing because it instantly builds walls that may never get torn down. 

Please pray that God softens and prepares the hearts of those called to be part of our prayer team, financial team, and future ministry team in Brazil.  Please pray that the right people come at the right time to buy our business. I am praying that they are a younger family with the same heart or greater to reach people for Jesus and have a passion for the dogs as well.  That God’s will be done, and for boldness and clarity as we proclaim the truth. 

Thank you all 

Blessings in Jesus name  

Jesse and Becki Brattrud and family 

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Jesse & Becki Brattrud

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It is our vision and focus to plant churches and to establish a base that can accommodate other missionaries and/ or those who are being raised up for ministry