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Carol Britton Update, 5-2018 - Fire International

Dear Family and Friends,

Oh, the sun just came out here in Brussels, so I can now say “Greetings from Sunny Brussels!”. We’ve certainly been receiving our share of sunshine and warm weather lately and we are all loving it!

God answers prayer more precisely and quicker than we sometimes think. Easter Sunday, we had a visiting pastor, Rev John Choi from Korea, preach. During the second service, a few of us suggested to the service leader that we pray for the pastor and for Korea. He preached an excellent Easter message and stated that he was born in North Korea, but grew up in South Korea. As we prayed for him and the upcoming Korean Summit the end of April, I cried as I remembered what the Demilitarized Zone looked like as I was there in 1988. It was a gruesome site with barbed wire fences everywhere. Who would have known that a month after our prayers that the divided line between North and South Korea would be torn down and agreements made to reconcile families from the north and south as well as agreements to denuclearize the Korean peninsula? But, our God has broken through! Let’s keep praying for all that was promised to be carried out peacefully. I can almost hear the sobs of Korean families who had been separated years ago, being reunited.

Prayer in the European Parliament (EP) is different each week as we often have visitors come in from other towns and countries to pray, even a King’s Kids team of teenagers from Friesland, The Netherlands. An Ambassador in Belgium joined us two weeks in a row, not to receive prayer, but to intercede with us for the nations. We however, took the opportunity to pray for and bless her, in view of the high responsibility she carries.

Let’s continue to pray for those in positions of authority! It’s wise to pray that solid Believers will take key positions in politics on the local, national and international levels!

Even with all the change in attendees, we have a core group of intercessors in the EP. And we do work well together in keeping order as well as our prayer focus. Consistency builds a team, a family working together. We’re beginning to see the effectiveness of this team-work.

Prayer initiative continues as we pray for the church to rise up, mature and take it’s place in Belgium. We meet again next Saturday. It’s a wonderful group and such a pleasure to worship and pray together.

I love praying for people and it’s a pleasure to serve on the Large Ministry Team (LMT) / Prayer Ministry Team in my church on Sundays. One week I lead the LMT and two weeks later I pray on the LMT. After leading last week I prayed for someone and we made plans for me to pray more for that same person this past Sunday, finishing what we had previously prayed.

Consistently praying in the weekly church prayer meeting with my pastor is also important. I like seeing how the church is growing, changing and maturing through our prayers.

May God’s Kingdom come here on earth as it is in Heaven!

Thank you so much for your prayers, friendship and support. Your partnership is so important to me. I love and appreciate each of you so much.

Love in Christ,