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Leann Peterson, 5-2018 - Fire International

Greetings from Ukraine!  I’ve been enjoying our beautiful spring weather – everything has been blooming!  I love to see the transformation of spring on the land – where there once was death there is now life – and life abundant!

Greenfield Women’s Home:  One of my greatest joys is being able to regularly spend time with these precious ladies!  Typically, when we would visit Greenfield, they would gather all the ladies together (over 100) and we would have a little program of songs, games, and a bible lesson.  But it was difficult to connect with so many people at one time!  So the director has graciously allowed us to come more often and meet with a smaller group of ladies at one time.  It’s been so wonderful!  We typically have about 16-20 ladies in one group and there we have the chance to actually interact with them, talk to them, and pray with them.  I’m still doing Bible lessons, songs, and games -but on a much more personal level.  It’s definitely become the highlight of my week!  This has been a visible blessing to the ladies and to the staff as well.  They are thankful just for visitors, as they receive so few at the facility.

The Ladies:  There are so many different ladies with different stories.  Some of them I’ve known from the home for children with special needs, like Julia.  Others like Katya only came to the home several years ago, as she was being cared for by her mother who the passed away leaving no one to care for her.  As I get to spend more time with them and hear their stories my heart is moved even more with the love and compassion of Father God for them.  Even though Greenfield is out in a village with few visitors, these precious ladies are not forgotten by Father and it’s my aim to let them know that!

Testimony:  This past month I had an encounter with a man named Igor that was truly humbling.  He’s a man from the homeless shelter that I’ve seen a few times at our church before.  On a Wednesday night it was my turn to preach and I shared a simple message on Romans 8:28 And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”  The truth is that even in disappointment and destroyed dreams, if we have hope in God, He still makes something beautiful out of our lives.  After the service, one of the guys asked me to go and pray with Igor.  As I went up to introduce myself, the tears returned to his eyes (as I’d seen him crying during the message) and he explained his story.  Just the night before he was moments away from committing suicide by hanging himself.  He’d already had his belt in position and he said that suddenly “something” stopped him.  Praise God!  The next morning, as soon as he woke up the first thought in his mind was that he needed to come to our church for service that evening.  Igor told me he was so glad he did because this was God’s message for him, God has been trying to speak to him and he finally heard that there is always hope – no matter what has happened in your life.  I prayed with him through tears for God to work in his life.  I’m so humbled to know that I as a willing vessel can be used to speak God’s word to a man in a desperate situation.  Since then I’ve seen Igor every week at service.  He comes with a smile on his face now.  Igor told me life hasn’t gotten any simpler, but he feels so much more peace in his life knowing that God has got his life in His hands.  Praise the Lord!  Please continue to pray with me for Igor to have breakthrough in his life and relationships.

Prophetic Word:  There was a recent conference in the city of Toronto uniting all the leaders from some of the past revivals (Pensacola, Toronto, Argentina).  I was able to watch some of it online.  I heard that a Ukrainian man had the chance to ask some of these leaders what the word of God was for Ukraine.  They all agreed that Holy Spirit was about to be poured out on Ukraine and even Russia in a mighty way.  Because of the new unity amongst churches in Ukraine – that outpouring would happen soon and in every denomination  – even amongst the Orthodox Church!  Yes Lord!  After sharing this, I also heard of another prophecy about the Russian speaking world that Missionary Hudson Taylor gave back in the 1800s.   He said the Lord showed him that one of the greatest revivals the world will ever know will begin in the Russian-speaking nations and from there move through-out Europe, the Middle East, Asia and to the rest of the world.  Again, I say whole-heartedly yes Lord!

Dormitories:  The dorms have been all over the place lately, we never know what to expect!  Because it’s spring and the temperatures are finally nice, often times many of the students won’t be at the dorm when we show up for our regular meeting times.  But, surprisingly, some of our best dorm meetings have happened recently when just two or three students show up.  My initial reaction was we should just leave since only two students turned up, but boy was I wrong!  Because of the small number we were able to have some of the most meaningful and deep conversations we’ve ever had with any of our students!  That special time wouldn’t have happened if all the students were there, so it just goes to show that you’ve got to be flexible and open – it’s never about the numbers but about the lives you are impacting!

Mom’s Dorm:  Speaking of numbers not mattering, the Mom’s dorm is always one of those places, maybe there will be tons of kids, maybe no one.  Maybe a few Mom’s will show up, maybe not even one.  Recently it’s been mainly kid’s ministry we’ve been doing and these kids can be so rough sometimes that you wonder if they even hear a single word you’re saying or remember a single thing we’ve taught them!  Recently, one of the boys who seems so rough has wanted to lead our prayer times.  The first time he offered I was blown away and I’m blessed by his simple prayers he prays for us and everyone’s families.  God is good!


Prayer Points

  • Pray for revival and a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all the denominations in Ukraine!
  • Pray for Igor from the homeless shelter – for breakthrough in his life and relationships!
  • Pray for our upcoming summer projects – camps, women’s conference, and evangelistic outreaches
  • Pray for the team and myself – for protection, safety, health, and refreshing
  • Pray for fresh vision for ways of doing practical evangelism and that the church would catch an evangelistic heart!


Thank you so much for your faithful partnership with me and the ministry in Ukraine!  Together we are seeing the Kingdom advance!  May the Lord abundantly bless you today!

 Your Missionary to Ukraine,