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David & Rachael Lyons, 4-2018 - Fire International

Happy Spring Everyone,

…Well, maybe for those of you not in the Midwest, as we write this the last snow fall just melted only to have it snow once more to cover our world in white once again!  Hopefully, spring will be here before next Christmas!  A lot has been happening & it will be hard to contain it all in one letter!

David has finished four months in the new ministry we are serving, called Atlas. Often, we do not know what all to do, but God is bigger.  Since we last wrote, we have talked with or seen countless homeless people looking for jobs, homes, aid, etc.  We have had the privilege of helping some of them find housing, which is still tough, as there is still no transitional housing in our area.

One such story we’d like to share with you is of a young lady we will call Naomi.  She came into our office while it was still below zero and had been “living” in the city laundromat.  She is 25 years of age; currently has 2 children in foster care, had no idea where her third child, a 2 year-old daughter was, recently escaped an abusive relationship, & on top of that lost a pregnancy which caused complications, because she is pre-diabetic with hyper-thyroidism.  We gave her food that day and she scarfed it down as if she hadn’t eaten for some time.  At the time, we were able to find her transitional housing in a secure place.  We teamed up with a local ministry that helps abused & battered women, they were mentoring her, encouraging her, & bringing her to church on a regular basis.  Four weeks later she came into our office with a completely different countenance.  This hardened, distant, hurting, & bruised woman had been filled with the joy of Jesus & asked Him to come into her life!!  A week later, she came in to share the doctor’s report with us; she is completely free from the hyper-thyroidism, & if she loses weight she will no longer be pre-diabetic!  She will soon be able to live full-time in this ministry house as a spot becomes available.  Isn’t God so good?!  However, there are still obstacles for her to walk through & to overcome.  Will you pray with Naomi & us?  Her daughter has been located & she is fighting for custody.  David was recently at her court hearing as a witness, but the judge ordered the state to take charge of her daughter.  It will take time as she walks the discipleship process, but God is in control, & she is willing to give the reins to Him!

Other stories break our hearts as we realize there is an enemy in this world, whose only goal is to destroy lives, & we’ve seen some don’t want to walk away from what is destroying them.  One such man came in to our office & we shared the Gospel with him for three hours; unfortunately, he has chosen to continue to feed his addiction for meth.  Another young lady who has two children came in last week.  She is six months pregnant & 107 days clean from meth.  However, her boyfriend kicked her out of his home; & she was homeless in these still frigid winter temperatures.  She revealed that she feels abandoned by God because of past disappointments & hurts.  We ministered to her the best we knew how & offered her all the help that we could, but she walked out of our office not accepting any of it & we haven’t heard from her since.  Please continue to be in prayer for those who are addicted, hurting, & homeless that we come in contact with, that we could be a light to them & this town!

We’ve had the privilege of meeting with 16 pastors out of the 24 churches in this town.  We have also spoken in several of them & will soon be organizing a regular prayer meeting between pastors from several denominations.  It is our hope & prayer that we will see God unite this community.  We’ve already seen Him do some as we’ve shared the needs of people in this town & our brothers & sisters in Christ are stepping up to help meet those needs.  Please be in prayer for these pastors who guide their flocks, as they too feel so busy & pressed by the needs of others.

Rylie’s Corner

It’s hard to believe that our little girl is now 11 months old & this month we will celebrate her first birthday!  Every parent says that it feels just like yesterday when you first saw your little one face to face & it’s true for us too!  She’s grown up so much in the blink of an eye!  Besides crawling, she can now pull herself up on just about everything, she loves sitting on the couch with us like a big person, & is quite the little explorer!  She now has 6 teeth & we’re pretty sure more are on the way as she seems to be pretty cranky as of late. J  She loves doing “adult” things more than playing with her own toys, like “helping” with the dishwasher (er…throwing clean dishes on the floor), & “folding” laundry (er…throwing clothes on the floor), & “sweeping” (er…destroying the pile we just made), & “taking” out the garbage (er…taking things out & throwing them on the floor)!  Haha, you get the idea, each & every day we have with her is a joy & we love her so!