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Carol Britton Update, 3-2018 - Fire International

Happy Easter Everyone!

It’s been a little bit crazy here lately. Somehow I usually think of March as being windy. This year it’s been some windy, but full of lots of change, many things going on at the same time, and very little being consistent. We had a cool but dark winter. Then in February and March, we all of a sudden had highs of below freezing for a week or two at a time. That’s too cold, too late. One Sunday it was 61F (15C) and the next day the high was right around freezing. The difference between the high and low temperature for the day and night is not much. So, if the high is below freezing, the low will be a lot more below freezing. Strange. I think that’s kind of a sign of the times. What we once knew as being consistent, is no longer.

Prayer in the European Parliament (EP) has been consistent and growing in numbers. We host teams from different countries all the time. After prayer, we have lunch together in the EP cafeteria and then go to a small café upstairs, dubbed the Mickey Mouse Café, for coffee/coke zero and more sharing. Some first-time visitors are given a tour of the building to some of our favorite places. Some godly conversations and encouragement for the visitors usually takes place. Relationships and Relationship-building are key in the kingdom of God. Can you believe that it’s taking place weekly in the European Parliament? To us who are frequent participants in the EP prayer meetings, it’s not a political arena, but another place where the Kingdom of God is being manifested more and more and where we are having some meaningful fellowship. Does that change your perspective of government?

January 9th I began weekly physical therapy sessions on my knees, thigh and lower back. The therapist determined that it was totally muscular and the therapy would be fine. Even though I just sat there with these electrical things put on different parts of my body, I would leave feeling very tired. After the twelve sessions were over, I feel so much better. So, this type of kinesiology works.

Belgium had been hit with epidemic flu this winter as well as much of the US. I was fine until some time in February. I am so glad that I only had it for about ten days, as that was enough. Some friends are still going through it now. I thought that as cold as it had gotten this winter, with all the “below freezing” temperatures, that all the “bugs” were killed. But…

I’ve not been able to figure out what day it is lately or what time it is in certain parts of the USA. Usually I know those things. This year, those in the USA changed their clocks BEFORE we did in Belgium. We set our clocks ahead one hour this past Saturday night. Now maybe I’ll be able to figure out what time it is where ever.

My yearly blood tests, mammogram and sonogram all showed that I am still cancer-free. Yay! That makes it ten years now & it feels so good!

May God’s Kingdom come here on earth as it is in Heaven!

Thank you so much for your prayers, friendship and support. Your partnership is so important to me. I love and appreciate each of you so much.

Love in Christ,