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Jesse & Becki Brattrud March 2018 - Fire International

Greetings from Alaska by your future FIRE International Brazil missionaries!

It has been a good month. It’s wonderful watching Becki shine with the tours as she gives the clients Jesus. It is great to see my son and his enthusiasm towards evangelism. I am so encouraged to see Abigail’s heart for prayer. I am so proud of Zeruiah’s honest question and hunger for knowing more about God. I am so intrigued by how Rhema can light up a room or the gruffest of persons by a smile. It is way cool to see God work in the lives of my family as well as those we meet.

It has been a sobering and eye opening month. There are three encounters that really impressed me this month. We had one young man who was sent here by Mitsubishi to do cold weather testing on sensors for airplanes. He grew up in church but never understood the gospel, and specifically the need for Jesus. I was able to lead him through the Ten Commandments, God’s standard, and the need we have for Jesus, as well as how to receive Him. We also discussed the right reasons to receive Him and finally the power over sin and the changed life that is only found in/ through Christ. He thanked me and said that he never understood this before; that he had a lot to think about.

The next gentleman was a nuclear physicist. He was very fun to talk to, but time prevented us from giving him the gospel. We began discussing the creation of the universe, proofs for a young universe and how a theistic creator was the best explanation for the evidence that we have. He asked where I received my education or if I was self taught. I shared that I was self taught and he got out of his seat, shook my hand, and told me good job. The shocker for me was when he admitted to a theistic creator (God) but then attributed life on this planet to aliens. Unfortunately shortly after he made this comment he and his wife had to go. I would have loved to talk with him for another couple hours.

The greatest eye opener for me was a missionary from Mozambique Africa named Al Corson. We had the opportunity to speak with him for over eight hours over three meetings about concepts, understanding the way others think, teaching others to think and make decisions analytically, and sharing the gospel in a way that others can understand, own for themselves and be changed, producing fruit that produces fruit that produces fruit and so on.

It was a lot to take in in a short amount of time. I never realized that other people’s languages had lost concepts over time from oppression, and since they think in their native language that may not have an understanding of the concepts that we are trying to teach such as sin, right and wrong, forgiveness , and so forth. So as a result though they may agree with your message they are not changed by your message because they cannot fully understand your message. I know it is confusing. I’m still trying to grasp it, but I see the truth in it and am going to continue to study his book and continue in this training. He has given us permission to Skype him at any time.

Through this encounter with Al we (Becki and myself) are fine tuning our vision just a little bit. Instead of us doing the main street preaching after we have led someone to Jesus in a town, we will equip the person to not just be the pastor over the town but also to do the primary preaching on the streets of the town. That way the people look to the pastor and not to us and the church plant is more organic. Our focus will be to raise up and properly ground the pastors in the faith.  

I had the opportunity to preach at our church the last Sunday of the month. I preached on God’s corporate will for the church out of Ephesians chapters 4, 5, and 6. I explained we don’t understand God’s personal will for us because we have sinned by not obeying His corporate will for the church. I also discussed our sin of comparison to other believers and the fruit being our paralysis to be effective for Christ. I have been really longing for Brazil lately, missing the people and our old and new friends in Brazil. Please pray for direction for our dog sled business, that God speaks to us about selling it or having someone to run it for us. If it is to sell that the right person comes at the right time to purchase it. Please pray for boldness to proclaim the gospel clearly to the tours that go through. Also pray that we make the right choices at the right time with everything we have to do and finish before it is time to head to Brazil.

We love you and thank you
Bless you in Jesus name
The Brattrud’s
Jesse, Becki, Corban, Zeruiah, Abigail, and Rhema

Jesse & Becki Brattrud

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