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Leann Peterson, 3-2018 - Fire International

Greetings from Ukraine and the very snowy spring we’ve been having!  I’m so glad to be back in Krivoy Rog!  Back to my church, to ministry, and to my apartment!  It’s been so good to see everyone again and jump back into my life here!

Snowmageddon:  Upon my return to Ukraine, I experienced what life is like here in a snow emergency – and it’s a no fun!  Coming from Wisconsin, I know about snow and snow storms, but here in Ukraine it was a whole different experience.  The snow started falling the first day I was back in the country and over the next two days we went from no snow to about 16 inches.  Which is not a terrible amount of snow, but here life came to a standstill.  Most roads and sidewalks were left unplowed for days.  From my apartment window I witnessed over twenty accidents on the small hill outside my apartment building in one day!  Then the freezing rain came.  It was a mess!  Needless to say, I didn’t even attempt to drive my car the first week I was back, the roads were in such bad shape.  The snow did finally melt, only for it to return with the second big snowstorm of March!  Right now there are about 8 inches on the ground, with more coming tomorrow!  I heard rumors that Spring is actually going to show up sometime this month!  I’m praying it comes soon!

Church of Truth:  It was wonderful to be back at my home Church and worship together with them again.  I was happy to be able to preach several times this past month and encourage our body.  I was amazed at how many people braved the thick layers of ice and came out to service on one of those Sundays when I was preaching. The bad weather does not stop a Ukrainian!

Smila:  I spent several days in Smila with my dear friends Pastors Dennis and Oksana.  I even took the train to get there, as I didn’t want to battle the roads during that second big snowstorm.  While I was in the States, many people again asked about Pastor’s daughter Liza and her hair treatment.  After they tried three different treatment plans, the only noticeable difference was that Liza’s eyebrows and and eyelashes came back to some extent.  The hair on her head did not begin to grow again.  Now that Liza is thirteen, it’s become a real issue to her and she is ready to think about finding a wig for herself.  I assured her that good quality wigs do exist out there (although not necessarily in Ukraine!)  The churches in Smila and Cherkasy are also doing well.  Pastor Dennis asked for prayer and wisdom as they are looking to raise up some new leaders to help lead some of the ministry.  They’ve been growing as a church body and need people to take on some leadership roles!

Dormitory 86:  The students were sure happy to see that I’d returned!  I received so many hugs my first day back.  One of the girls, Lena, held my hand for most of the time I was there while one of the boys, Dennis, kept wanting to rest his head on my shoulder.  It was very sweet.  It’s a reminder again about how the smallest amount of attention goes a long ways to reach those with hurting hearts.  After I taught my lesson on setting priorities for our lives, I was again shocked by how little many of these 16-20 year old students actually have been taught and/or understand.  Most of them had never even heard the word priority before, although most of them were able to grasp the concept.  It just caused me to pray once again for us to have a better education system in Ukraine, especially for special education teachers as most of the students at dorm 86 are those whom have learning disabilities.  In reality, there isn’t much help at all for students with learning disabilities here.  So we pray for change!  These students deserve to have a bright future as well!

Mom’s Dorm:  On Women’s Day, a big holiday here and in many countries, we went to the Mom’s dorm to celebrate with the Mom’s and kids there.  I truly enjoyed seeing all their familiar faces.  We were able to make their day special and to bless every one of the ladies with a special gift, as well as all the girls.   It sure made them feel important!

Temporary Residency Permit:  My TRP is back in it’s renewal process once again.   We were under the impression that the whole system was about to change again, but thankfully it did not.   It looks like everything was fine and in proper order- praise God!  In a couple of weeks I should have my temporary residency permit back in my hands and I’ll be set for another year.  The government worker was so kind she even offered to send my TRP to me in Krivoy Rog so I don’t have to drive two-hours one way just to go and pick it up.  It’s a little thing, but I’m thankful for it!


Prayer Points

  • Church of Truth – for a stirring up of people to pray and seek the Lord!
  • Church of Praise in Smila & Cherkasy – for new leaders to be raised up
  • Pastors Dennis and Oksana in Smila – for refreshing and rest
  • For the dormitory students to encounter Jesus in a real way!
  • Protection, safety, and health for myself and our team
  • Salvation, healings, and miracles!
  • For the spirit of hopelessness to be broken off of Ukraine


Thank you so much for your unending encouragement, support, and prayers!  I pray the Lord draw you even closer to His heart!


 Your missionary to Ukraine,