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Brian & Stephanie Forbes's Update, 2-2018 - Fire International


I needed some keys made for the Missions’ Outpost building. I had 16 keys cut, none of them
worked! Trips to town are a bit of

a drive so I had to wait until the next time we went. I was helped by a manager who is a little younger than me. He was upset and disappointed in his people for doing such a poor job cutting keys. He wanted to know why I needed so many keys.

I told him that I’m a missionary helping at the “Old North Cove School.” We ended up talking about Florida and where I went to school.

He invited himself to visit for coffee, 4 others came with him. We walked through the building and talked about how we serve ministries. Back in our apartment we sat down and I asked why he wanted to come over. This wonderful Baptist man wanted to talk about the Brownsville Revival, healing, speaking in tongues, and other supernatural occurrences associated with the presence of God.

My heart was warmed just speaking of the things that God does on the earth.


There is so much to do here. We have been working on sorting storage areas. It is easy for supplies to get misplaced. My cousin Brandon came for a weekend and we tackled a room used for miscellaneous storage. There is an event scheduled soon and we must get everything ready in time.

F reezing…

Here in North Carolina they don’t’ get freezing temperatures for more than a day or two at a time. We had freezing for a week, I measured -1.5 degrees one morning before sunrise. I have been walking through the building twice a day checking to see if any of the bathroom areas are nearing freezing. I am trying to avoid the unnecessary expense of turning on heat in unused areas.

Outpost R V…

We had issues with the long-term guests at the RV park. Water hydrants froze, breakers burned out, and an entire RV ’s pipes froze inside. I was getting calls at midnight to come solve problems.


– My (Brian’s) dad has been in the hospital for a week, and will be moved to rehab (hopefully). We don’t know if he will be able to return home

– Patience and Wisdom to make good decisions while running the facility.

– Only $7,500 to go to pay off our truck!