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Scott & Marcy Nary

Working with FIRE Church as missionary evangelists, Scott and Marcy have taken the FIRE DNA and started evangelism teams that reach down into the darkest regions of the city all the way to the board rooms of businesses, spreading the gospel of Jesus. This evangelism team of 40 plus is filled with boldness and passion to be nation changers! Healing and the manifestation of signs and wonders have become the norm! 

Scott and Marcy’s hope for the future is to reach as many lost souls as possible. Through teaching and igniting a passion in the hearts of believers to step out with the heart of the Father and use their God-given gifts, Scott and Marcy know that visions and ministries will be birthed to reach those who don’t know that God loves them and to shake the nations with the love of Christ. 

Email:  scottmarcy7173@gmail.com


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