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Eric Ruiz

Eric Ruiz is a FIRE School of Ministry Chicago graduate who is dedicated to bringing the culture of Heaven to Earth until the return of Jesus.  Eric believes that in order for Christ to return, the Jewish people will have to willingly welcome Him back – and that welcoming is literally impossible without the Gospel going out into the world FIRST (Matt. 23:39; 24:14).  It’s Eric’s heart to have His Lord and Savior return to the Earth, because with His return comes peace and life everlasting (Rev. 21:3-4). The 10-40 window is a portion of the world 10 to 40 degrees north of the equator that includes places like the Middle East, SE Asia, India and China where as high as 99% of the population in some nations do not know the liberating rule of God. It also houses 2/3 of the world’s entire population. Eric is currently in the 10-40 window, in Thailand, with a heart to make disciples that are walking in the fullness of the Kingdom of God there.  He is currently stationed in Chiang Mai, where he is pursuing acquisition of the Thai language as well as volunteering his time to serve various ministries in order to bring the Gospel of the Kingdom to as many hearers as possible.

Email:  ruizeric1985@gmail.com

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