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Jill & Lewison Omari

Children: Enoch, Noella, Acacia, and Jillian

Jill Omari has been a missionary with FIRE International since 2001. She resides in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania with her husband and their five children.

Lewison is a man with a passion for prayer. He has a passion for church planting and currently pastors a Swahili speaking church. His heart is for his Tanzanian brothers and sisters to walk in freedom.

Jill's heart for children and gifting in management has helped her as she has served for years in children's ministries, children's evangelism, working with at risk boys and recently assisted in a ministry that fights for under age sex traffic victims. Jill also serves on a church planting team with an English speaking international church in Kilimanjaro.

With years of cultural experience and connections in many social helps areas, Jill is excited to be launching a new project in early 2018 that will help bring volunteers from all over the world to Tanzania to help strengthen local ministries and encourage missionaries. To many this new project will be a life changing experience and to others her program is a bridge to help them to be a full time missionary.

Jill's heart is to bring the message of Hope to this generation, from Kilimanjaro throughout East Africa and beyond.

Email:  childlikeheart@gmail.com

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