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Jill Omari

Children: Enoch, Noella, Acacia, and Jillian

Jill Omari and her 5 children live at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro ministering to several of the northern tribes of Tanzania.

Jill came to Tanzania as a single missionary working with a church in children's ministry and evangelism and later established a boys’ home. Now, almost all of the boys have successfully rejoined society and only a few remain. Almost all have stable jobs and are active community members. Several boys remain in school and are currently supported in independent living situations or with extended family.

Currently the Omaris work in church planting, children's evangelism, and on the Ndoto Yetu project, which is community-based evangelism.

Through agricultural training, health training, and spiritual teaching, they are reaching communities for the Gospel. Ndoto Yetu is still at the foundational level of its potential. We are excited about the future for Tanzania. We are hoping to reduce the amount of orphans in orphanages by reducing poverty and hunger in families.

Please continue to pray for us.

Email:  childlikeheart@gmail.com

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