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Alice Limpert :: Daughter: Glory

For over thirteen (13) years Alice has been living in and loving the people of Moshi, Tanzania and other areas of TZ as the Lord leads.  She continues to carry the burden and desires to see the people of Tanzania and the East African Nations come into their rightful place with the Lord Jesus Christ. She sees the desire of the Lords Heart for His creation.

For the past 8 years Alice has been raising her daughter Gloria, who is now 20 and finishing her Form 6 A Level studies.  She has seen the Lord’s hand on her as she is raising her as a single mom, like so many other women in Tanzania.   God has given them His Love for one another and Gloria is growing strong in her own personal walk with the Lord, and is seeking a more intimate relationship with her Heavenly Father.  Now Alice and Gloria are learning that HE never gives up, even when we make mistakes and falter and are given this amazing Grace to move forward in wisdom and understanding. 

Alice has had the privilege for the past 7 years to work alongside the Tanzanian Nationals at International Christian Center (ICC).  The church has many outreach plans for the vision God has given them to seek the lost and love them into the Kingdom of God right where they are.  One of the outreaches is the BELOVED LADIES, where team members from ICC go out on Friday nights into the red-light districts of Moshi.  The goal is to love these ladies into His Kingdom and invite them into a new life at BELOVED BOMA, which is the 2nd home Alice has started from ground up with the leaders of the church and others who join the church in this ministry. 

Alice is still working with a small group of other likeminded, like spirited people from all over the world to pray for the NEW development of the FOUNTAIN OF GRACE (FOG), which is designed to be night and day prayer 24/7.  Those involved with FOG have been ministering to the church leaders and Christian organization leaders from all of Tanzania.  God has supernaturally opened doors of relationship to FOG with many opportunities to minister the love, rest and peace of the Lord in healing and life transitioning.  They desire to see the transformation of this town, this country, this nation and all surrounding countries, and to see the leaders of the churches and the local government come together in prayer. 

Alice continues to travel to other nations as well, to teach and preach as the Lord brings opportunity.  She would love to hear from you by writing to: alice.limpert@gmail.com  

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